Love her.

Jokes about addition aside, Osuna raises a valid concern. Is ALAC's board diverse enough and savvy enough to truly work with a municipality to get a building paid for, designed, and built?

I hate to admit it, but artists alone do not a building plan make. In my humble estimation, it appears that while the city's Office of Arts & Culture reviews ALAC's proposed business plan, ALAC's leadership should continue efforts to build out the organization's board, so when and if the city comes through with $1.5 million in bond money from a 2001 bond election, dating back to former Mayor Skip Rimsza's days, the group is ready.

With guidance from city leaders like Osuna and Councilman Michael Nowakowski, I believe ALAC will be more than ready. And you can bet your brown ass that I'll be the first to send Wendy Weston an early-invite to munch on jicama and guacamole in our new courtyard.

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