Cornell is also quick to attribute the success of the Projekt Revolution tour to Linkin Park, whose passion, he says, is the sole reason Projekt Revolution works. "I actually, between Soundgarden and Audioslave, played Lollapalooza three different times on the main stage. And one of the things that I think happens is that, in order to keep these kind of tours happening year after year, somebody has to have their eye on the ball, somebody has to focus on getting an interesting combination of bands together, getting that worked out and doing all the work, which is not that easy to do. [It's why] some of them come and go."

Projekt Revolution might not receive the sort of critical love Lollapalooza, now a sedentary, annual one-day affair, once did. It might never be remembered as fondly by audiences who are, at this point, burned out by corporate-sponsored festival tours, which underwhelm as they rape your bank account. But the artists on the yearly rosters, like Cornell, don't show up for the critics or to get rich (many are already riding commercial highs). They show up because they want what those fabled few, like Soundgarden, had during Lollapalooza's heyday and what, perhaps, tomorrow's musicians will miss about Projekt Revolution's run, too.

Festival veteran Chris Cornell finds new promise on the Projekt Revolution tour.
Festival veteran Chris Cornell finds new promise on the Projekt Revolution tour.


The Projekt Revolution Tour, featuring Linkin Park, Chris Cornell, The Bravery, Atreyu, Hawthorne Heights, Ashes Divide, and more is scheduled to take place Thursday, August 7.
Cricket Wireless Pavilion

It's obvious even Cornell wants back what he once briefly had.

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