Thank you for bringing awareness regarding the state tax credit. You're right; many people don't know about it. At least no one has taken that away!
Name withheld


No love here for prosecutors: Sarah Fenske's story about Jacob Ritter-Clark unveils a sad outrage ("Deaf Justice," July 10). How can this be allowed to go on in this county? I mean, don't the Mesa cops and Maricopa County prosecutors have real criminals to arrest and prosecute? This is infuriating!

Here this kid stops to call for emergency assistance, and what does he get for his trouble? Charges that could very well get him sent to prison for 7½ years.

What's wrong with County Attorney Andrew Thomas' office? Where's the decency? Are prosecutors so consumed with winning at all costs that they will ruin the life of a young man who not only didn't do anything wrong but who did the exemplary thing?

I'll answer this one for you: Many county prosecutors would sell their mothers into slavery to get a conviction. It's not in their nature to consider facts that don't help them win, win, win! That wouldn't further their little careers. Human compassion and devotion to the truth be damned in their stinking world!
Zack Johnson, Phoenix

The wicked and the piss-poor: This is truly an outrage. I've personally known Jacob Ritter-Clark since he was 5 years old. You would never meet a more well-rounded, down-to-earth, family-oriented young man. The County Attorney's Office has some extremely odd agenda in trying to make an example out of Jacob, as if he were some gun-totin' speed racer.

This poor kid is a hard-working husband, with a toddler on the way, who did the right thing. If the same situation were to arise while I drive home, I wouldn't stop to save the life of a drunken gang-banger.

I applaud New Times and Ms. Fenske for giving Jacob a voice. With a wicked County Attorney's Office and a piss-poor Public Defender's Office, Jacob didn't stand a chance! With the right people to help, we may be able to save Jacob from a life of misery.
Jim McCartney, Mesa

It is just like the Wild West: Oh, my God, this is an outrageous catastrophe! It sounds like something from Wild West days.

I believe human and civil rights have been compromised here. The American judicial system is broken, but it is really broken in Maricopa County.

If America doesn't start sounding off against all the injustices in this country, we'll have no excuse for letting public officials act like terrorists. Next, they'll be taking names and sending us to gas chambers.
Irene Rickett, Ward, Colorado

Fact-challenged?! Look in the mirror, "Tyler": So let me see if I read this right: Ms. Fenske seems to feel that Mr. Ritter-Clark is being railroaded by the judicial system.

She ignores the fact that the police usually don't waste time assigning blame to the not guilty, that Ritter-Clark had a tricked-out Toyota Corolla that could probably do 150 miles per hour. He very likely was guilty of drag racing, and another person suffered very real, very serious injuries.

And then the defendant has the audacity to blame the Public Defender's Office because attorney Matthew Smiley (who had just been assigned the case very recently) didn't call him back. I'm sure that this 20-something has been mollycoddled all his life by his very liberal parents and is now being given a very hard lesson in the realities of personal responsibility.

This article made my blood boil. First, it's apparent that Sarah Fenske was sold a major bill of goods about Ritter-Clark. I cannot believe the editors of New Times let this article make it to print, let alone the Internet.

Meanwhile, a very decent attorney is not given any recourse, and I am sure when all the facts are finally put out, this rag will print a very small apology on the same page where they run the advertisements for adult entertainment. (Editor's note: Actually, we put a tiny correction on the Feedback page in the July 24 edition.)
Tyler Durden, Tucson

"Susan," consider moving to North Korea: Well, speaking as a totally neutral person with no vested interest in this case. I think the reporter didn't do a very good job in her research. I think the reporter is totally biased toward this kind of pathetic-looking 20-year-old, and she just decided to make the facts fit her story.

Meanwhile, Ritter-Clark had better get used to spending some time in jail. Too bad we live in a country where they say you're innocent 'til proven guilty. And not vice versa.
Susan Smith, Phoenix

Sarah's on the spot: For the past eight months, I've followed the intricacies of this case, and I find Ms. Fenske's report truthful and compelling.

If anyone with any integrity reviews the police report, interviews, and other findings, he or she would understand that Jacob Ritter-Clark did not cause the accident. He was merely a driving bystander who graciously stopped to call for emergency rescue. He saved a life!
Jason Coffield, Surprise

Chase some real criminals for a change: I read the article, and I think Ritter-Clark is being railroaded. I think authorities should go after real criminals. Jacob is no threat to society, but if he is convicted of a felony, his life will be ruined.
Dolly Weller, Shelbyville

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