Takin' It to the Street

Quarter-munching arcade game finally pays out

Tired of building an empire in Grand Theft Auto and never having those riches materialize IRL? The Street Fighter II Video Game Challenge at Bookman's Phoenix seeks to right that wrong. Purveyors of the classic ’90s head-to-head fighting game – in which a mysterious underworld boss and dictator organize a motley crew of brawlers to duke it out – will compete for a $100 store gift certificate. Even non-winners will be showered with giveaways and entertained with SFII-related trivia. The sonic boom-slinging starts at 3 p.m. A screening of the chopsocky classic The Street Fighter, starring Sonny Chiba, follows the game play.
Sat., Aug. 16, 3 p.m., 2008
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