It seems to me that this would prove or disprove the drag-racing theory of the police. It also would be far better than the anecdotal evidence the police have now. Eyewitness accounts of untrained, uninterested observers are unreliable.

Seems to me that Jacob Ritter-Clark needs a mathematician more than a lawyer. After all, didn't something similar work for a Catholic bishop who actually hit a pedestrian several years ago?
Terry A. Gardner, Glendale

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roy hilliard
roy hilliard

It's been a while but leave it up to a new times reader to complain about a fucking free paper!! I always looked forward to the booze pig for a couple of reasons one was simply for the early articles when he would describe the vivid pig fantasies some of us look for when escaping life; cheap alcohol, good looking women and a short walk. I hope to enjoy one of the places he has written about or that I wander into a booze pig dive bar so I can give him a heads up to give it a review and see if we agree. Also if you have read 'Breakfast of Champions' you might get be looking for that picture in real life of a secret place people go to hide what they do in public because no one cares there. Also how can you complain all of the other great articles take 10 pages to read, I can never get through more than 80% of them, this one page is my quick escape before checking the resturants and weekly events. Basically if you want this to be a real paper pay them money!! other wise become the editor I will always enjoy the articles of CM Redding AKA the Booze Pig and hope he could make holiday exceptions in the future.

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