The Bird wonders why Nazi-huggers get a free pass in Arizona and reveals yet another piece of the Russell Pearce puzzle


This seasoned sapsucker's nested in many a state. But he's never found one quite as hospitable to Adolf Hitler-worshippers and other varmints of the white-power type as here in Sand Land.

Granted, The Bird's always figured that no place could be so tolerant of white supremacy and neo-Nazis as the Deep South, whence he sprang.

Republican strategist Nathan Sproul's anti-Pearce attack fliers.
Republican strategist Nathan Sproul's anti-Pearce attack fliers.

But in fabled Dixie, certain things are just not done. Even if certain Southerners would like to see Confederate President Jefferson Davis reincarnated for a third-party run against John McCain and Barack Obama.

Being photographed with known National Socialists is one of those things that ain't done — especially by legislators and wanna-be congressmen. You might be a big ol' bigot like the recently croaked U.S. Senator Jesse Helms, an unrepentant segregationist 'til his dementia-addled demise in July, but being pictured with a not-so-secret swastika-wearer? That'd be the proverbial double-pucker of death for a mainstream pol below the Mason-Dixon Line.

Not that white supremacists never snake their way into modern-day Southern politics. Take former Klan leader David Duke's 1991 run for Louisiana governor. Still, back then, nearly everybody but the ofay bottomfeeders that voted for him was raising bloody Hades to make sure Duke went down. And down he did go.

We have our own version of David Duke here in the Zona, and his name is Russell Pearce. That's not to say the Mesa state Representative has ever been a member of the Ku Klux Klan, or a neo-Nazi organization. He just snuggles up to their ilk, like a rattlesnake next to a warm body in the desert. That, and he sponsors the kind of legislation they dig: economy-punishing employer sanctions; laws against renting to the undocumented; apartheid-like marriage laws; and a proposal to deny birth certificates to American children born to undocumented parents.

It'd be bad enough if Pearce were just suggesting a revival of Mexican-roundups like Operation Wetback, as he did in 2006. But Pearce has taken further steps, like forwarding an e-mail from the neo-Nazi National Alliance to his supporters, also in '06. He's curried the favor of brown-bashing organizations such as ex-KIA peddler Rusty Childress' United for a Sovereign America, the most vile anti-immigrant hate-group in the Valley. And he maintained relations with an avowed white supremacist, long after that racist freak was outed as such.

The Bird's talking about Pearce's association with lard-ass stormtrooper J.T. Ready, with whom The Bird watched Pearce work a crowd back in June 2007. Pearce listened and applauded as Ready rocked the rabble gathered on the Arizona Capitol lawn that day. In his speech, Ready spoke of jerking black-robed jurists around by their collars and said he and his comrades had been "treasoned" by U.S. Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain. Ready also outlined a plan for the Marines to close off all ports and borders and start mopping up the interior.

Onstage, Ready never mentioned that he'd been twice court-martialed and booted from the Marines, as revealed by the East Valley Tribune back in 2006, not long after his failed run for the Mesa City Council. Pearce must have known about Ready's ignominious exit from the armed forces (unless the guy doesn't read his hometown newspaper). Still, he hung out with him that day, as if he were the younger man's political mentor.

The Anti-Defamation League had already made a very public connection between Ready and white supremacy during a March 2007 seminar on the tone of the immigration debate put together by state Representative Kyrsten Sinema. Is it possible Pearce was unaware of Ready's unsavory affiliations? Was he ignorant of Ready's attendance at a 2006 neo-Nazi bash called Winterfest — and of Ready's page on (now, "an online community for whites by whites," where Ready's known by the handle "Viking Son" — despite the ADL's discussing such facts during the March seminar?

"I find that very hard to believe," Sinema told this tweeter. "The entire Legislature was invited to the event. The whole thing was videotaped, and you can watch it on our archive. And I reported it on the floor [of the state House]."

Since spying Ready and Pearce's palling around in 2007, The Bird's been spewing disgust far and wide and wondering why the dailies have ignored this nefarious link. After the June event, The Bird and his blogging cousin Feathered Bastard reported Ready's attendance at a September neo-Nazi rally in Omaha, Nebraska.

In previous columns, The Bird also revealed that Ready was quietly elected a Republican precinct committeeman in 2006. That Ready distributed anti-Semitic and racist literature at a meeting of the Maricopa County Republican Party. And that Ready had been arrested in 2007 for displaying a fictitious license on his vehicle, and having an illegal preemption emitter. That's one of those devices that allow firemen to speed through lights.

Ready was also in possession of a 9-millimeter gun and white-power literature. Given the fact that, in 2006, Ready got into a strange shootout with an illegal alien strapped with only a BB gun, one wonders what Ready was on the prowl for the night he was taken in.

This persistent pelican buttonholed Pearce at a roast for our corrupt top constable, Joe Arpaio, late last year in Sun City, but when asked about him being BFF with a National Socialist, Pearce took up for J.T., kinda-sorta.

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JT Ready
JT Ready

Does it strike anyone else as strange that Zionists and La Raza scum are never labeled as "racist supremacists" or "hate" groups? It is only a crime if you are White these days. By the way, no Sun Wheel ("swastika" for you ignorant types) was lit at the Omaha rally in front of the Mexican consulate. There are many inaccuracies in many statements made by these three blind mice. I cringe to think of these congressmen in charge of any intelligence of a national security level. Furthermore, it seems that those who trumpet free speech, freedom of the press, the right to assemble, and democracy the most, are the first and most viciously vocal to oppose those very same principles when someone whom they disagree with exercises those same exact rights. These tyrants can not battle my ideals with better ideas. So they use bully tactics to try to harm me. But this just helps to prove my point that I am right. So, thanks for the endorsement Franks, Shadegg and Flake.

Emil Pulsifer
Emil Pulsifer

Evidently Steve Saulka can't read. The article succeeded in pointing out that Pearce has a record of snuggling up to neo-Nazis and of domestic abuse.

Pearce also has a strange record of "accidents".

He "accidentally" emailed copies of neo-Nazi literature, claiming that he had only read the first few pages and didn't see the anti-Semitic content of the rest. (The fact that he read several pages of a neo-Nazi screed and LIKED WHAT HE SAW enough to forward hundreds of copies to others, speaks for itself.)

He "accidentally" broke and entered the apartment of his sleeping, estranged wife. Fortunately for Pearce he was a Sheriff's Deputy at the time and had the foresight to get the apartment manager to unlock everything but the chain-bolt.

According to a March 3, 2001 article in the Arizona Republic, "Lawmaker In Dispute Over Back Pay Claim", Pearce "accidentally" filed a claim for back pay at the Department of Transportation. That is to say, he filed the claim, for $37,000 of back pay, covering every hour he had been employed, including time spent on vacation; then, after the Arizona Attorney General contested it, saying that Pearce didn't qualify, Pearce dropped the claim, saying, "They just sent me a form and I filled it out" and "If I had realized what I was filing for I never would have filed it".

According to the same article, Pearce was fired from his job as director of the Motor Vehicle Division "in 1999 after subordinates, reportedly as a political favor, changed the driving record of a Tucson woman who was charged with driving under the influence twice within 10 months. And Pearce 's son, who also worked at the Motor Vehicle Division, was prosecuted in the production of falsified IDs for his friends."

No word on whether THAT was an accident too.

Pearce also has a long record of "no" votes on legislation designed to protected domestic abuse victims. In one case he was the only "no vote" on a piece of legislation that had to be passed in order for Arizona to be in compliance with federal law.

The same Arizona Republic article mentions that Pearce proposed a measure which would have required Child Protective Service caseworkers to report clients suspected of being in the country illegally to federal immigration authorities. Incredible.

What difference does it make whether Nathan Sproul has ulterior motives? Pearce, as far as I'm concerned, is a nasty piece of work and should be voted out of office. Thank goodness somebody has the spine to work to that end, regardless of their motive in doing so.

Steve  Saulka
Steve Saulka

Your blitz against Pierce would perhaps find more sympathybut for the reason behind your tirade. Whatever Pierce's outlook, your screed succeeded only in pointing out:

- that Pierce supports the economically vital need for a nation to control its borders (Mexico certainly does), and;

- you do not.anti

Emil Pulsifer
Emil Pulsifer

Reading over some of the comments here, the question which Republican leaders should be asking themselves is whether Russell Pearce and his allies will grow more, or less, insufferable as they consolidate their political power. Will they increasingly dictate the terms of debate, while targeting their political enemies one by one for retribution as opportunity arises? Because in a clash of political principles and philosophy with fanatics, one side or the other must end up being marginalized.

Not to stretch the, ahem, Munich Analogy beyond its breaking point, but is a policy of appeasement the best way to deal with a bully? Or would they prefer to end up, like some victims of domestic violence, passively hoping it will all get better if they "don't make him angry"?

Native Arizonan since 1956
Native Arizonan since 1956

Hey Lynch,There are a lot more of us that are AOK with Arizona being a mix of white, black, red, brown, Democrat, non-Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Wiccan, whatever. If you can't live with that, there's a compound up in Idaho that will roll out the welcome mat for you.

Lynch M All
Lynch M All

Maybe the reason these people are welcomed in this state and keep getting support from the populace is because most of us in Arizona are of like mind. That is we are tired of these illegal criminal Mexicans dragging their filthy, disease ridden asses into our state, commiting crimes, straining our healthcare and school systems, driving drunk and uninsured, and in general turning it into a third world hellhole like the one they just came from albeit with welfare banefits. I support these groups thaat operate above the radar to keep these animals in their own country and I support the efforts of groups that operate underground and commit violence and street-justice towards them. They are the ones that are really doing something about the problem.

If you are so fucking liberal maybe you sgould move to California and be Nancy Pelosi's boy-toy or Taxechusetts and change Ted Kennedy's diapers, although there would be nothing to muckrake about in those places and stirring things up is how you have made your name. There are still a hell of a lot of us that want to keep Arizona straight, White, Christian, gun-owning and Republican.

Emil Pulsifer
Emil Pulsifer

Bravo, Mr. Lemons, for this lucid exposition and for another journalistic scoop. It will be interesting, now that you've established a pattern of behavior, to see whether the media establishment will finally condemn the Iago of East Mesa or rush to his aid yet again. According to the evidence so far gathered by you, which no one has been able to convincingly gainsay, Pearce was a wifebeater and possessed of a violent jealousy. And those are merely two known instances. Meanwhile, he's done everything in his professional power as a politician to obstruct a series of legislative bills proposed to protect women from abuse.

Frankly, I've been scratching my head in bafflement watching the rush to defend Russell Pearce against Nathan Sproul's clever, well-designed, and -- here's the damning part -- undeniably true public service flyers. The fact that Mrs. Pearce has since recanted her own sworn testimony should surprise no one familiar with domestic abuse cases. For all we know, she may have endured countless episodes of similar abuse in the decades since. (She may also have been influenced by the Mormon doctrine of obedience to her husband and an old-fashioned abhorrence of admitting scandalous events to outsiders, much less the general public through the mass media.)

The fact that Mr. Sproul may have ulterior motives -- scarcely an earth-shaking revelation in the realm of politics -- does not in any way detract from his arguments. Pearce is unquestionably an asp in the bosom of the Arizona Republican Party, and faced with such a threat one does not attempt to cajole the serpent out the door: one chops its head off.

One would imagine that even the usual media dotards would grasp the applicability of the term "loose-cannon" when applied to Pearce, a politician who has previously referred to party big-wigs like Kyl and McCain as "traitors" for their refusal to blindly support his rabid and obsessed positions on immigration.

The reaction of the establishment media (one is tempted to refer to them as The Usual Suspects) is reminiscent of the response of Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of State to Herbert Hoover, who shut down MI-8, the State Department's cryptographic office, in 1929, with the quip "Gentlemen don't read each other's mail". Apparently they don't send it, either.

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