The Bird pecks away at Janet Napolitano’s lame defense of Russell Pearce and tears Fulton Brock a new one


You were flabbergasted to hear Sand Land's top Dem, Governor Janet Napolitano, come to the defense of GOP brown-basher Russell Pearce? This cynical sandpiper wasn't. Far from it.

Asked about recent revelations of alleged domestic abuse in a sworn, notarized divorce petition signed by Pearce's wife, LuAnne, in 1980, the self-proclaimed champion of children and women pooh-poohed the issue, bemoaning two attack fliers sent to Mesa GOPers and authored by Republican political consultant Nathan Sproul, the closest thing we've got in town to the late Lee Atwater.

Activists were surreptitiously taped at their meeting with County Supervisor Fulton Brock.
Activists were surreptitiously taped at their meeting with County Supervisor Fulton Brock.

One Sproul flier dealt with LuAnne's allegations that her hubby was "possessed of a violent temper" and had "from time to time hit and shoved" her. The other dealt with Pearce's long association with flabby turd-Reicher J.T. Ready, with whom Pearce publicly palled around on the Arizona Capitol lawn during a June 2007 nativist rally. This, long after the ADL had outed the two-ton stormtrooper as a swastika-licker.

The battle for the state Senate seat in Mesa shouldn't have anything to do with Pearce's "personal domestic relations record or whatever it is they're throwing out there," the Guv stupidly sniffed. Catch that phrase, "personal domestic relations record," and keep in mind that Nappy's sitting on her haunches, waiting for Barack Obama to whip John McCain's geriatric caboose and appoint her to some cushy federal job in D.C.

Would that happen if Manet's own "personal domestic relations record" were exposed? Assuming the woman's capable of falling in love with anything but her own political ladder-climb, no.

Not that there's any sin in guest-coaching the Phoenix Mercury or possessing a closet full of checked, shoulder-padded sport coats. Indeed, this raptor doesn't believe there's a gosh darn thing wrong with being the much older and much less cool version of the Calamity Jane character from the HBO series Deadwood.

But seriously, Napolitano's denied more than once that she's a closeted lesbian, so who is this oriole to argue? And Pearce has presented himself as a devoted family man, a self-depiction undercut both by LuAnne's sworn 1980 statement and by a 1974 incident report from the Mesa Police Department, which this merciless magpie recently divulged.

You can read the tawdry doc in its entirety on the blog of this avian's doppelganger, Feathered Bastard. The report details how Pearce allegedly busted down the door of his estranged first wife's abode in an attempt to find her messing around with a 16-year-old. According to the building manager, Pearce would hang out in the parking lot, spying on the lady, like some '70s-style rendition of that cable reality show Cheaters.

Nappy's apparent duplicity about her personal life, and her outrageous hypocrisy in opposing same-sex marriage (thereby stabbing Zona gays in the back), has kept her from serious consideration as a veep, first by Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and now by Obama. The mere fact of being gay might help her if she'd own up to it and fight for that community's equal rights. But Nappy's the Benedict Arnold of the GLBT world. Hardly a proud role for a self-proclaimed progressive.


But even if we accept the logic behind the Guv's belittling an account of domestic violence, why would she tut-tut Pearce's playing footsie with a real-life, honest-to-Jehovah goosestepper?

Let's be honest. Napolitano's never been much for championing civil rights or battling racism. This state's overrun with skinheads and white supremacists. Xenophobia and Mexican-hating are more popular in AZ than tubing the freakin' Salt River, for cryin' out loud.

World-infamous Holocaust-denier David Irving recently spoke to a group of white supremacists at a family restaurant in the Valley. This month, the neo-Nazi Nationalist Coalition is sponsoring a "family night" for like-minded ofays. Next month, there will be a humongo Oi-Fest in the West Valley. (And that ain't oy, as in oy vey, bubbee.)

Skinheads, bikers, and assorted white-power wackos will assemble in Tonopah to cheer on a series of racist skinhead bands. And there are plenty more events planned. For instance, every December, local neo-Nazis throw a wingding called Winterfest, their pagan version of an Xmas party.

Does Nappy care about this activity and what it says about our state? Apparently not. She can't even find it in herself to denounce a political nemesis for gallivanting around with a known neo-Nazi, for speaking from the same podium and posing for pics with the National Socialist while working a crowd together.

Remember, this is the same Napolitano who as U.S. Attorney for Arizona looked the other way in 1997 when the Border Patrol and Chandler cops rounded up Hispanics in a mini-replay of the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration's "Operation Wetback," a program beloved of the prejudiced Pearce.

Sure, Janet gets a point or three for pulling state funding for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's more recent Hispanic-hunting sweeps. But we should not forget the political tit-for-tat that took place in '97 when Napolitano downplayed a federal investigation into Arpaio's gulags. She called a lawsuit targeting the barbarity of Joe's jails "a technicality" and "a lawyer's paper."

To return the favor, in 2002, during Nappy's first gubernatorial run, Arpaio cut a TV commercial for her, lauding her prosecutorial prowess, stopping just short of endorsing her.

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Equity Court Services of Arizo
Equity Court Services of Arizo

Good deal, SuperBlend. You can trust that The Carniverous and Sometimes Clandestine Conspiratorial Crow, masquerading occasionally as a "Pious Partridge (credit Stephen Lemons)" will not let you down.

An Associate here tells me that Stephen's originally from LA. He, thank God or other Higher Authority, will protect and preserve us as we try to survive in this prehistoric, sometimes cannabalistic, excuse for a city - Phoenix, aka "Gooberberry RFD."

Stephen, feel free to use any of OUR descriptive lingo and we credit you fully if you've already used some or all of the stufff we post. Being a true "Ruthless Ravenous Raven," we know that you'll write whatever the Hell you want, so herein we relinquish control. Pardon the repetitive adjectives re: raven and ravenous. Getting tired!

SuperBlend, is Buddy Guy's "Legends" blues joint still doing well?

The Folks at Equity and World Without Wires, serving the World at, Comments to:

Vaya con Dios!


Richard from Phoenix finds the Bird too difficult to read. That's funny. I'm guessing Richard was born here.

I don't have any problem understanding Birdese. But then I'm from Chicago. You know, a real city.

Keep up the good work Bird. And don't dumb it down for the country mice. We city mice like it just fine.

World Without Wires
World Without Wires


To The People,

Our associates told me to tell you that they just sent this letter to Congressman Franks and will send him a list of alleged corrupt cops, judges, and others in Phoenix, Surprise, and elsewhere. They also told me to state that these are ALLEGATIONS ONLY, LIKE WHEN A COP PULLS YOU OVER FOR DUI and TAKES YOU TO TENT CITY. YOU"RE NOT GUILTY YET.


In and For Justice,

G. COCOZZA, et. al.

for World Without Wires and Associates

The Letter (almost like a Kiss of Death - it scared me!)

"Congressman Trent Franks,

We have sent information on these cases to The City University of New York Law School and some of its prominent faculty and administration.

Since New York City has dramatically REDUCED its crime rate while Phoenix's rate has escalated, we believe that the CUNY professionals are more capable than any others to analyze, research, investigate, and propose solutions to the many and complex social, moral, and legal problems faced by this city under seige.

Hopefully you can amicably negotiate a settlement to the THREE pending federal claims against Phoenix, in that they face bankruptcy and possible Federal intervention due to alleged corruption and other malfeasances.

Also, BETSY GOTBAUM, NYC Public Advocate, is the mother-in-law of deceased CAROL GOTBAUM, who allegedly died as a reslt of gross police negligence. We feel that the CUNY Law School will be most adept at expediting the leagl settlements as well.

The THREE cases are attached hereto. The CLASS OF INJURED CITIZENS has proposed a legal intervenion and counterclaims for $125,000,000 against Phoenix in the pending case involving the MCSO and Sheriff Arpaio. The ACLU lawyers have the demand and refuse to respond. They appear to have lost their case against the MCSO and may face an Arizona Bar Association investigation and possible sanctions.

The CLASS may send a response to the United States Congress and allege that Mayor Gordon's pleas to them were made out of desperation and fear. They may allege that Gordon is largely responsible/liable for the corruption, crime, and other problems in Phoenix. They may also demand his resignation in conjunction with the recall drive at They also are considering naming PHIL GORDON as a DEFENDANT in the intervention and counterclaim action(s).

Thank you for your assistance.





Global, mobile, and affordable investigations and research at"

G. Cocozza, et. al. for WORLD WITHOUT WIRES

Equity Court Services of Arizo
Equity Court Services of Arizo


Richard, it's called a great sense of humor, which Mr. Lemos has and you don't.


Dated: ____________________________________

Signed this ________ of August _____, 2008.

Honorable ____________________________________

Staff and Associates of


Global, mobile, and affordable investigative and research services at .

Vaya con Dios!


I�m sure this article would have been more comprehensible if it had been written by a more mature well educated journalist. I found it hard to read Mr. Lemons article with all his slang and made up words and insults, I�m sure he�s the only one who understand them. If he�s trying to put down Governor Napolitano and Mayor Gordon for turning their backs on Sheriff Joe, now that their elections are over, good for him. This is as far in the article that I could bare to read.

PS: What high school paper does Mr. Lemons write for ?

Equity Court Services of Arizo
Equity Court Services of Arizo


We ramble in this one. So what, we have a constitutional right to act stupid in pblic like "Nappy" does on a daily basis. Hey, Janet, you're really UGLY, too. We know that women (and men) don't want you - kinda like "asexual."

Thanks, Stephen, for the accurate tag, "Nappy" Napolitano. Another politically-expedient BS artist who, if she monitors the blogs, might think that this moniker will give her voter appeal in this prehistoric jurisdiction.

Por ejemplo, "Gee, that's kinda neat, I'm 'Nappy Napolitano.' Now I can get more of South Phoenix's African-American votes - I'm Nappy like they are!"

If she lives through a campaign swing at or about South 7th Avenue and West Durango, maybe Don Imus can be her defense lawyer if she gets sued and he graduates from ASU Law, probably the only school that would take a dope like that who uses worn-out Jim Crow phrases.

This butthead "Nappy" Napolitano is just another transparent desert rat liar, which will help us conclude, "Let's just sue 'em all - Democrat, Republican, far left, far right. City, State, Federal."

By the way, her office was very close to some crime properties that we investigated, including the felony-infested hellhole at 601 North 6th Avenue, Phoenix, Sixth Avenue Square Apartments, that brave RAMON BELTRAN lives at. We forced the slumlord owners, AMIR and EYAL "We Didn't Do It" RAN. Yes, they did do it and remodelled it, too, with us threatening them with lawsuits the whole time. And, yes, they're STILL getting sued but we'll reduce the damages, maybe. Spend, spend, spend and THEY paid through the nose.

Back to Ramon. Even "Nappy" ignored this brave, disabled crime-fighter in HER neighborhood after we told one of her flunkies about Ramon and his victimized neighbors. They promised to help but never backed their BS. So in a wheelchair, Ramon is left alone to risk his life chasing gangbangers down the street in a wheelchair! And Governor "Nappy" says, "Fuck Him." Flush her down the toilet along with Candy and the rest.

GIVE RAMON BELTRAN THE RECOGNITION THAT OUR GOVERNOR "NAPPY" WOULD NOT GIVE HIM. THE BRAVE GUY WHO WAS LEFT ALONE BY THE PHOENIX POLICE COWARDS, WHO WAS INSULTED WHEN HIS MEDIA-HUNGRY PRINCIPAL, TRACY "I GET THE SPOTLIGHT" PASTOR, shoved him aside and gave him a cheap gift certificate to Mickey Ds while she got her ugly mug on the front page of the "Repugnant" along with her school cop boyfriend Officer Terry "Chickenshit the Second" Smith.

These publicity hounds LITERALLY IGNORED Mr. Beltran. Treated the poor kid like a cheap Van Buren hooker. And then "Nappy" cuts off Arpaio's funding when Sheriff Joke was all Ramon had. Hey, Ramon's Mexican, too, and his Mom's illegal.

Big deal - she won't get deported - we'll protect her and we know how to do it LEGALLY. Where was the so-called savior of the indocumentados, "Packy Rat" Pochoda, when all this was going down? Some gringo white guys were protecting the people "Packy Rat" claims to care about.

So, people, there are times when Arpaio is not all bad. That's all we're saying - we DO NOT condone profiling IF it's PROVED BY A PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE. Which the lousy wannabe ACLU lawyer "Packy Rat" Pochoda, and crew have FAILED to do because they obviously are shit lawyers.

Want a laugh - read that "small claim" profiling case that they had the nerve to file in Federal Court. Atrocious legal work by "Packy Rat" and "Minimum Wage Is Too High" Hernandez, et. al. Say "Hi" to the Bar Association invesigators that we're sending after you! ((-:

Back to the issue. "Nappy" was very dumb - she cut off Arpaio's funding shortly after a Phoenix Police Officer was KILLED in cold blood by a guy that had already been deported. Don't you see and doesn't "Nappy" see that Arpaio's going to use those occurences as a means of building an "exigent circumstances" defense to the racial profiling charges. Truth08, you like to learn, so look up "exigent circumstances" at Arpaio's ace in the hole.

And our Italian "Nappy" wannabe governor is a lawyer? Wait 'til we tell Junior (as in Gotti) about that and let HIM decide her fate! Just kidding - we don't have his E-mail and, truthfully, don't know him. But, we don't believe what lying prosecuters say about him, either.

OK, Stephen's sized up City, County, and State. Mayor Gordon's tops with "Goober, "Mayor Chickenshit," and the "Front Porch Bench" crime-fighter from Gooberberry, RFD aka Phoenix.

Next, for the County, we have "Candy" Thomas, then "Nappy," in the Governor's mansion by voter fraud, apathy, or sheer voter stupidity. You're GREAT, Stephen - many of us here now use funny (?) "bird" references for anyone and anything. And tag people with parentetical nicknames that would make a 1920s New York Wise Guy blush. Thanks again, Stephen! But we won't infringe your copyrights intentionally.

Ok, on to Federal. We want the best funny name for a Federal politico OTHER than "W." He's getting too boring.Feedback and suggestions to:

Yes, we take a break every now and then, just ramble on incoherently, BUT send praise for Ramon Beltran to Bethune Elementary School, South 15th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ. We're serious - he deserves it.

In and For Justice,


Staff and Associates of


On the Web at

Emil Pulsifer
Emil Pulsifer

The Thursday, August 21, 2008 issue of The Arizona Republic contained an editorial titled "Time to Dump Pearce":

Pearce has a strange record of "accidents".

He "accidentally" emailed copies of neo-Nazi literature, claiming that he had only read the first few pages and didn't see the anti-Semitic content of the rest. (The fact that he read several pages of a neo-Nazi screed and LIKED WHAT HE SAW enough to forward hundreds of copies to others, speaks for itself.)

He "accidentally" broke and entered the apartment of his sleeping, estranged wife. Fortunately for Pearce he was a Sheriff's Deputy at the time and had the foresight to get the apartment manager to unlock everything but the chain-bolt.

According to a March 3, 2001 article in the Arizona Republic, "Lawmaker In Dispute Over Back Pay Claim", Pearce "accidentally" filed a claim for back pay at the Department of Transportation. That is to say, he filed the claim, for $37,000 of back pay, covering every hour he had been employed, including time spent on vacation; then, after the Arizona Attorney General contested it, saying that Pearce didn't qualify, Pearce dropped the claim, saying, "They just sent me a form and I filled it out" and "If I had realized what I was filing for I never would have filed it".

The same Arizona Republic article mentions that Pearce proposed a measure which would have required Child Protective Service caseworkers to report clients suspected of being in the country illegally to federal immigration authorities. Incredible.

Pearce also has a long record of "no" votes on legislation designed to protect domestic abuse victims. In one case he was the only "no vote" on a piece of legislation that had to be passed in order for Arizona to be in compliance with federal law.

The Arizona Republic has it right. Time to get rid of Russell "Oops I did it again" Pearce.


Just wondering what Nappy would stand to gain, by defending him? You mention, "Nappy looked the other way", in Chandler, and now........, she "gets a point or three for pulling state funding for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's more recent Hispanic-hunting sweeps". Wondering if she is pandering to both sides here?

Why would she, as the states top prosecuter, let Pearce, "off the hook", during his DMV debacle? Not, to mention, his son, Justin Pearce, had his own issues there, as well? Wonder, what kind of skeletons, his brother the Mesa J.O.P., has in his closet? After all, it appears to run in the family?

Wondering if there were "favors", being repaid? Its very interesting, why she would come to his defense? Knowing, Pearce's "anti-hispanic and anti-womens abuse" voting record"?


P/S Was recently informed, that Pearce's "vendetta", against hispanics, really took effect, after his son was injured as a Sheriff's Deputy. During a confrontation, with a migrant worker? Not that, he didn't previously, have a anti-hispanic agenda? Probably, uses that incident as his "justification", to be a bigot? You think??


It's time to show Arpaio, Thomas and the Board of Stupidvisors the door....

Arizona's got to be the most corrupt state in the US.

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