I try to shake off the liquor, try to get a gauge on this place. I'm surprised at how big it is, how bright. It doesn't have a homey, cozy feeling at all, but rather the feel of one big, harsh, sterile cell that's missing its padded walls. If Mr. McMurphy doesn't want to take his medication orally, I'm sure we can arrange that he can have it some other way. I decide to just play it safe and keep ordering drinks, stay numb, stay quiet. Don't lose control.

I talk to several odd patrons. One guy is wearing bedroom slippers. Another, a real shifty-looking dude, is running the poker tourney in the corner. Both men have likely worn a straitjacket at one time or another.

Michael Ratcliff

Location Info


The Ox Sports Bar

3209 E. Pinchot Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: East Phoenix


Pig Points: (from Sparkle's notes): Frosty mugs; Jam-tron flirting with dart team, trying to score a bull's eye; crazy guy in slippers; full-length mirror in women's room to admire ghetto-fab outfits.
Pig Shit: Body odor; chick in leather bra — imagine the stank on those titties; karaoke every night; beware of the yak.

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OX Sports Bar, 3209 East Pinchot Avenue

I discover Jam-tron and Sparkle dancing up a storm and singing some pretty mean karaoke, and I get sucked in, laughing and drinking most of the night away. One hot old lady in a leather bra has me secretly, briefly wishing her to be a hooker, but then I imagine the sweaty, yellow stank on those titties and feel ill. It occurs to me that The OX is a close relative of the yak, which I did just after getting dropped at home.

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I am pretty surprised at your comments about the OX Sportbar. You never mentioned the great karaoke Host Susie or Becky the cocktail waitress or Brandy the bartender. Are you sure you were even there or did you send someone else to make things up. You have insulted the owners and customers. The Owners of the OX have helped so many people and continue to run a great place to hang out. Come in some night and meet Sonya, Kenny, Kathi, and the rest of the bartenders. Stop by on dart night and see that they have 6 dart boards all busy. Between steel tip and plastic tip darts they have 32 teams. Pool league night with all four pool tables going. Or some Sunday day when the rest of the neighborhood bars are empty this place is "packed". Football, Texas Hold'em, pool tournament with darts starting at 6pm and karaoke at 8pm. They have something for everyone. Come in on Wednesday at 5pm and listen to Mike Marriott sing and play during happy hour. I don't know how you can say they are expensive when they have $1 longnecks friday and saturday from 6pm to 8pm. Yager bomber specials at $4.50 and $2 well drinks all day long. And don't forget the $1/draft. You need to give the OX the same chance you've given to Swizzle and the other dives you walk in and stagger out. Thank you. as a customer and friend of the ox group I would appreciate another review. Do you even read these comments? I'd love a response.

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