The guy's as dumb as a rock: I get it: You don't like McCain, and judging from your article, you never did. It's cool. I don't like Obama. As a matter of fact, I loathe him.

Now, about the article, I do think that you did do research. However, you did whatever you could to make McCain look bad: "Cindy looked miserable next to John."

So now you know what someone is thinking? Must be a great trait for journalists. I'm sure Amy Silverman is a good person. However, I could make her look just as bad as she made John McCain look in this article.

As Amy was writing this article, she sat alone in her one bedroom, saddened that she had no one in her life; she would eat her frozen TV dinner alone once again. As she sat there wondering why no one invited her out on a Friday night, when all her colleagues went out for drinks, she decided to write about presidential hopeful John McCain.

But, as Amy wrote, her bitterness shone through her writing and made her look even more desperate for approval, even if it was only from the Obamabots. See, I too can do the same thing you did! My point has been made.
Name withheld

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