Berry also asks for the court to declare that the club is a public accommodation — a decision that would, on its face, make the Men's Grill unconstitutional. (Only private clubs can discriminate on the basis of gender.)

Finally, thanks to the documents that were leaked to me this month, we learn that at least one member of the board of directors was not only a hopeless Neanderthal, but one stupid enough to enshrine his comments on a public forum. And the board was more than willing to bury the incident without investigation!

Why do I keep writing about the Phoenix Country Club?

Women can buy pricey memberships to the Phoenix Country Club, but they get called "lezzies" and "feminazis" if they complain about its Men's Grill.
Jay Bennett
Women can buy pricey memberships to the Phoenix Country Club, but they get called "lezzies" and "feminazis" if they complain about its Men's Grill.

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Phoenix Country Club

2901 N. Seventh St.
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Category: Sports and Recreation

Region: Central Phoenix

I couldn't make up a story this good.

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This is pretty bad in terms of trying a group/club/organization going to such great inappropriate lengths to shut down an "idea". I truly believe that The Phoenix Country Club could have taken a common vote amongst members and it most likely would have been shot down. As sexist as it is, I am in favor of having exclusive clubs and associations based on gender. It works for both sides, men and women. Women have several "women-only" healthclubs and I get and fully understand the concept that women want to be able to work out without feeling harrased or likely embarrased at their physical appearance or even the excercises they are performing amongst the male species. For men on the flip side there aren't too many places in this country that are exclusive to men only - unless your 90 years old going to the Buffalo Club or Shriners...and even then I'm not so certain it's men only.??The golf course is a unique place. I've played the sport since I was a kid and I honestly can't rank many things higher on my list of 'fun' things to do than enjoying 18 holes on a beautiful sunny day...HECK, even a miserable day!The point is, I understand the wants & needs of a male only club. Guys want a place where they don't have to whisper a 'naughty' joke, or blow of some steam on the fact that women are a whole different species and that more often than not, as much as we hate to admit, we truly don't understand much of what they do. We just want our own designated time and space to be with other men who enjoy, appreciate, sympathize, and respect what men go through in a lifetime.On another note I am not at all against females on the course itself, or in "their" relatively equal ammenities of the clubhouse. I'm all in favor of having a womans day or designated hours on the golf course for women to play. I think it is fair and respectful to private golf clubs to allot this time strictly for female members. Firstly, it allows females to meet and network with probably what few female members there are in the club...Secondly, It allows men the choice to play amongst them or pick another time/day. In all honesty, women in general, are slower golfers and usually take 1 to an 1.5 hrs longer to play a round than men. So my point is that society should allow each gender ther own spaces and although I disagree with the shanigans and petty actions displayed by the PCC I do agree with the overall message that the Mens Grill should stay exactly that...Men ONLY.


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Mountain out of a molehill!
Mountain out of a molehill!

Sarah, you're right -- you couldn't make up a story this good! This story says a lot about the power players in town and why Arizona and Maricopa County are so backwards. Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Who's paying the legal fees?

Noble Beckham
Noble Beckham

Sick people in nice clothes with too much time and money on their hands.

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