Look for more such pettiness unless Patty Jimenez beats back her challenger at the polls. When the aforementioned letter was read at a recent council meeting, the mayor vowed to continue fighting for Guadalupe. Let's hope she gets the chance to do so.


Anyone get a copy of the latest issue of Phoenix Magazine, the rag's "Best of the Valley" issue? If not, when you see it in the supermarket aisle, peep page 121. That's where the pub declares none other than KTAR 92.3-FM's Darrell Ankarlo "Best Radio Talk Show Host."

Far-right radio wing-nut Darrell Ankarlo, pictured here in a photo from his MySpace page.
Far-right radio wing-nut Darrell Ankarlo, pictured here in a photo from his MySpace page.

That's right, the same Ankarlo who persistently whips up anti-Mexican animus on his drive-time program, which Arbitron has listed at number seven in the Valley in that time slot. With a bullet! Ankarlo's also the same ethically challenged lip-flapper who defended his station taking $11,500 in RICO funds from Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas to plug the local book tour for Ankarlo's bigoted tome, Another Man's Sombrero.

That's the book in which Ankarlo has a chapter titled "Anchor Babies Help to Sink America." The term "anchor baby" refers to U.S. citizens born on American soil to undocumented parents. Screw the Constitution or their legal status, a-hole Ankarlo reckons they're illegal, too.

But that's not the crux of the problem with Phoenix Magazine giving Ankarlo an award. The crux is that he scribbles a regular column for the mag. That's a conflict of interest about the size of Ankarlo's Herman Munster-size noggin.

Journalistic ethics? Hey, it's only Phoenix Magazine, the same glossy piece of fluff that rid itself of longtime food critic Nikki Buchanan recently because she was "uncomfortable about having to go to meetings with advertising clients," as Republic foodie Howard Seftel wrote of the incident in April. So much for the wall between advertising and editorial.

Thus, the "award" means nada, Ankarlo. And everyone knows it. Maybe you can fool the next doofuses who hire you in another market that this was some great honor. But in fact, it's just another sign that you're a big phony whose rank self-promotion only pays off with waiting-room throwaways like Phoenix Magazine.

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Nested Eagle
Nested Eagle

It's always interesting/amusing, although at the same time depressing, to see the scrambling of the politicos trying to cover when they've been exposed. There's always the undercurrent sound of scurrying rats in the basement as the innocence-proclaiming statements are produced, followed inevitably (when the detective work has been stellar), by those sounds of back strokes as they try to get back to solid ground. Good work! It would be really great if the voters read and understand.

Felicity Fetching
Felicity Fetching

Much thanks for exposing the award given by Phoenix magazine to Darrell Ankkarlo. He tries to sell himself as a voice of reason, willing to hear both sides of an issue; but in reality he is an archconservative loudmouth, so convinced of his "rightness" and hence convinced of the wrongness of those with whom he disagrees.He and his ilk are a dime a dozen.

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