I suspected that all the drama and acting up by concertgoers was because of the attitude of Phoenix audiences, which I think are notoriously sensitive to anything edgy. But apparently, the band works the last nerve of folks in other towns, too. During a show at the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas, two guys really dug the music, but basically everybody else hated them. At one point, the bartender yelled, "Go back to Phoenix."

Personally, I don't really understand why folks get so aggro. I've heard the band enough times to know that their sound is tight and that they can play the crap out of their instruments. So what if it's loud and sometimes obnoxious? That's part of going to shows, you know? Complaining about the volume would be like going to a football game and telling the people around you to hush up for yelling and clapping. About the varied reactions the band provokes, Spastic says, "I think that if everyone likes you, then you aren't doing your job; not pushing any boundaries. Most people like the same old dribble," he says. "If some people really like what you are doing and some people really hate it, to me that is satisfying. At least they feel something."

Bring earplugs: The Complainiacs are loud and drunk.
Mike Johnson
Bring earplugs: The Complainiacs are loud and drunk.


For more information on The Complainiacs, check out MySpace.

After the group runs through one more tune during this initial audition at The Firehouse, they all agree that they need to book a show soon. It looks like Nathan — who is now named Nate Shit — is going to be a good fit, at least in the short-term. I just hope that he is strong enough to absorb a beer bottle blast to the cranium, if it comes to that.

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So, in this article, beating people up and calling people faggots is "cool," "punk," and "edgy." Great job, New Times. 

Jackie Cruz
Jackie Cruz

It's nice to see a band that still has the good old fashioned rock and roll/punk attitude. I am so sick of seeing these sappy, bland indie/folk kids getting written up for boring music that all sounds the same. As a huge punk fan I would love to see music like this make a comeback but I know that may be wishful thinking. Until them good luck to these young lads and thanks for bringing the punkiness back to the music!

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