Some friends insisted on throwing her a birthday party in June, where she saw people she hadn't seen in years. She was really touched.

"It sounds morbid to say it this way, but you go through life thinking, 'I just want to be a good person and I want to do some change in the community.' That's all — affect peoples' lives in a positive way. Have I been a bitch? Yes. Have I, you know, been aggressive? Yes. People hired me for that — blah blah blah. But I, seriously, that's kind of all I wanted, you know? And you kind of go, 'Yeah, maybe I'm a good person.'"

St. Francis Xavier Church was packed for Stacey Pawlowski's funeral. Her husband, father, and sister spoke eloquently about her. Will described his life as black and white before he met her and color after. The place did empty out significantly, by the end — partly because of Hugh Hallman's long eulogy. (New Times actually received an anonymous call afterward, from someone who had been at the funeral and was stunned that someone managed to make Pawlowski's life sound boring.)

Stacey, Will, and Jack.
Courtesy of the Pawlowski/Scholz family
Stacey, Will, and Jack.

But mostly, people left early because they had to get over to a John McCain fundraiser that had been scheduled for the same morning.

Stacey Pawlowski wouldn't have had it any other way.

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Sister Mary Holier Than Thou
Sister Mary Holier Than Thou

The Xavier Mafia??? No disrespect to Stacey, but I couldn't think of a more fitting term for some of the people and alliances that have come into and out of that place!

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