Could it be that someone at the MCSO thought better of Arpaio flack Paul Chagolla's press release, realizing that it highlighted a Sheriff's Office defeat and suggested that Wells Fargo could soon be facing a yearlong confrontation with activists? Or did someone at the bank take a look at the belligerent document and yank Arpaio to heel?

The press release stated that the MCSO would be patrolling the protesters, but as of this column's writing, the only security visibly keeping an eye on things has been Wells Fargo's guards. As for the Phoenix PD, Sergeant Brian Murray, of the department's Community Response Squad, says it's leaving crowd-control duties to the Sheriff's Office, because of the press release's insistence that the MCSO would take charge.

Some nativists have bird-dogged the protest, riding 'round it, taunting activists. But so far there's been no repeat of Pruitt's. Just the other day, Joe himself descended from the 19th floor, trying to shake Reza's hand.

Salvador Reza in front of the Wells Fargo building, with his "eviction notice" for Sheriff Joe.
Eduardo Barraza
Salvador Reza in front of the Wells Fargo building, with his "eviction notice" for Sheriff Joe.

"We may have a difference of opinion," Joe told Reza. "But at least you're a gentleman."

Reza did not accept Joe's proffered paw, and eventually the sheriff slithered away after a few more passes at schmoozing the activist. Wells Fargo may be in for a long siege.


Seventy percent of Mesa Republicans were willing to overlook Russell Pearce's embrace of neo-Nazi J.T. Ready. They weren't troubled by the anti-Semitic e-mail Pearce forwarded to supporters in 2006 or by his support for a return of the Eisenhower-era program "Operation Wetback," where brown folk were rounded up indiscriminately. Arpaio's sweeps are close enough to that policy, so what's the big deal?

What about the allegations of domestic violence Pearce's wife, LuAnne, leveled at him in a 1980 divorce petition? Or the 1974 police report detailing Russ busting through the door to the apartment of his first wife, Karen Pearce? Ancient history, bubba. Plus LuAnne said the 1980 petition was incorrect, even though her sworn, notarized signature is on the doc.

Then there's all the sleaze from Pearce's tenure as the head of ADOT's Motor Vehicle Division. That's where Pearce was caught altering the DUI record of a politically connected Tucson woman. The corruption was so brazen that then-ADOT Director Mary Peters, now Secretary of Transportation in George W. Bush's administration, fired Pearce. Republican Sith Lord Nathan Sproul dredged this up again in direct-mail fliers to likely primary voters, as well as most of the other incidents mentioned above. Mesa GOPers were unmoved.

Hell, if they'd caught Pearce in bed with a pig named Lucy Lardass, they would've looked the other way.

"Yeah, if they'd have caught him in bed with a pig, it would have been, you know, Russell likes the other white meat," Pearce's vanquished foe Kevin Gibbons wryly put it while chatting with this beak bearer.

In The Bird's eye, Mesa Republicans voted for Pearce because they dig his bigoted legislation and attempts at same. Everything from the Employer Sanctions Law, which might as well be renamed the Ethnic Cleansing Law of 2007, to even more sickening stuff, like Pearce's attempt to strip children born of undocumented parents of their Arizona birth certificates, or his proposal to prevent American citizens from marrying non-citizens in the state.

In other words, the vast majority of Mesa Republicans must be closet racists. Or at least the majority of those willing to go to the polls the day after Labor Day. Gibbons blames low voter turnout and Clean Elections for his defeat.

"I mean, like, what, 9,500 people voted?" he asked rhetorically. "I've had that many people in my pool at once."

As for Clean Elections, Gibbons is challenging the system in federal court along with the Goldwater Institute, arguing that a traditional candidate such as himself has to spend time raising money while a government handout-taker like Pearce need only sit at home and await his matching-funds check.

Gibbons called the system "a breeding ground for extremists," and he's partially right. On his own, Pearce was unable to raise enough green to challenge Gibbons' brother-in-law Jeff Flake in a run for Congress. But a run for state Senate? That's a piece of cake with all the free money the state offers.

"If you're crazy, you don't have the ability to go ask sane people for money," said Gibbons. "This is a recipe for success for crazies."

Of course, folks other than crazies take Clean Elections cash, too. One of them being 30-year-old newcomer Judah Nativio, the Democrat challenging Pearce in the general election. The clean-cut Nativio likes to compare himself to Alex P. Keaton. You know, Michael J. Fox's character in Family Ties. Nativio explains that he plans to keep it positive. And faced with a leathery leviathan like Pearce, Nativio's freshness has a definite appeal.

"It could be like a Harry Mitchell race, where I have a high turnout of independents," said Nativio, referring to Mitchell's win over Congressman J.D. Hayworth two years ago. "It could be that these independent expenditure groups attacking Pearce have helped me. Voters are not only getting my positive message, they're getting the anti-Pearce message."

Wishful thinking? Not entirely. Registered Republicans dominate LD18, but there are a buttload of Independents in the district, and if Nativio can get them to the polls, an upset is possible. The fact that a hotly contested presidential contest is upon us should aid turnout as well.

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Equity Court Services of Arizo
Equity Court Services of Arizo

Many thanks and much respect to the blogger from Guadalupe, William Robles. We here at "The Global Equity" congratulate him for posting what appears to be a REAL name. Gracias, Memo!

Regarding this Reza moron, he could help the indocumentados much more by filing "employer sponsor" or "immediate relative" immigration petitions to aid them in obtaining visas and ultimate citizenship. Since Reza probably can't read, this is not possible.

Instead, this egomaniac Latino, fattened up by too many greasy empanadas y mucho cerveza, has to damage our retinas by subjecting us to his ugly mug in the photos. He's accomplishing nothing - obviously you don't/can't evict the MCSO by acting stupid on their turf at Wells Fargo. I have no use for the "Filibustering Fat Boy" aka "El Gordo" Reza.


John "Johnny On The Spot" O'Sullivanfor "The Global Equity"

William Robles
William Robles

I am so pissed off with our new Mayor of Guadalupe Arizona about his Decisionin Phoenix at the Board of Supervisors meeting.he said he wants to keep Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Guadalupeand it sounds like they will.

A Frankie I thought you was with usI have respect for you but not on this one broWHAT A JOKE


Stephen you are doing a great public service and are very courageous in your diligent investigative work on the Maricopa County officials abuse of power and mass waste of taxpayers' money. Keep up the great work. It's time to vote Arpaio, Thomas and Pearce out of office.

Also shining the light on Arpaio and Thomas enablers is helpful to the public. I bank with Wells Fargo -- now I will bank elsewhere until they Arpaio and Thomas get moved out of their offices, which is no place for elected officials paid for by taxpayers. They use the legal system as a weapon to destroy people who are the taxpayers -- paying for their own destruction.

We've had ENOUGH OF ARPAIO, THOMAS AND PEARCE and their abuse.


Piss on Arpaio, his Monkey's and Wells Fargo Bank.

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