Such an upset would go a long way toward redeeming the district, proving it's not the exclusive province of far right, Pearce-worshipping a-holes. Otherwise, Mesa might as well paint a KKK on the welcome sign and call it a day.


Democratic prez hopeful Barack Obama must be really desperate if he's calling on our lame-duck, do-nothing Governor Janet Napolitano to campaign for him, as was announced last week.

Salvador Reza in front of the Wells Fargo building, with his "eviction notice" for Sheriff Joe.
Eduardo Barraza
Salvador Reza in front of the Wells Fargo building, with his "eviction notice" for Sheriff Joe.

Nappy's endorsement was zero help to Obama in the Arizona primary. And if he thinks our mullet-headed guv is gonna do the trick with female voters in battleground states, he must be smokin' the really good ganja. Like the kind he used to score back in his high school days.

"I've still got a very busy day job," Napolitano told Fox 10, adding, with all the enthusiasm of a soggy Saltine. "But to the extent I have some extra time, I'll campaign for him."

"Extra time"? Who does she think she is, Sarah Palin? Nappy's got nothing but time. In fact, she's been idling her Volvo for the past six years, pretending that she's actually driving us somewhere. Now she's waiting around with her chunky pumps up on her desk, hoping Obama makes it in and she can score a cushy Cabinet post in D.C.

Plus, just days before, Nappy was actually defending McCain's veep choice Palin, a.k.a the Wing-nut from Wasilla, telling lapdog journo Howie Fischer that Palin's getting a raw deal 'cause she wears a skirt sometimes.

Whose side's this dumb wench on?

Remember how she similarly came to the defense of Russell Pearce? And, of course, Pearce won his primary. Guess you owe the guv a bouquet of roses, Russ.

Here's a news flash, Nappy: Palin's garnering fans and face time with the press in large part because she's a woman. She's a woman who's sassy, sexy and can hold an audience of pseudo macho-male GOPers in thrall. Unlike, the Napster, who makes everyone who hears her wanna take a nap.

The Bird also thinks Palin's a hypocrite and a dangerous religious fanatic. But she also has charisma, albeit the charisma of a hot real estate agent looking to sell you a run-down condo. The Dems shouldn't counter her with yawn-inducing nudniks like Nappy.

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Equity Court Services of Arizo
Equity Court Services of Arizo

Many thanks and much respect to the blogger from Guadalupe, William Robles. We here at "The Global Equity" congratulate him for posting what appears to be a REAL name. Gracias, Memo!

Regarding this Reza moron, he could help the indocumentados much more by filing "employer sponsor" or "immediate relative" immigration petitions to aid them in obtaining visas and ultimate citizenship. Since Reza probably can't read, this is not possible.

Instead, this egomaniac Latino, fattened up by too many greasy empanadas y mucho cerveza, has to damage our retinas by subjecting us to his ugly mug in the photos. He's accomplishing nothing - obviously you don't/can't evict the MCSO by acting stupid on their turf at Wells Fargo. I have no use for the "Filibustering Fat Boy" aka "El Gordo" Reza.


John "Johnny On The Spot" O'Sullivanfor "The Global Equity"

William Robles
William Robles

I am so pissed off with our new Mayor of Guadalupe Arizona about his Decisionin Phoenix at the Board of Supervisors meeting.he said he wants to keep Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Guadalupeand it sounds like they will.

A Frankie I thought you was with usI have respect for you but not on this one broWHAT A JOKE


Stephen you are doing a great public service and are very courageous in your diligent investigative work on the Maricopa County officials abuse of power and mass waste of taxpayers' money. Keep up the great work. It's time to vote Arpaio, Thomas and Pearce out of office.

Also shining the light on Arpaio and Thomas enablers is helpful to the public. I bank with Wells Fargo -- now I will bank elsewhere until they Arpaio and Thomas get moved out of their offices, which is no place for elected officials paid for by taxpayers. They use the legal system as a weapon to destroy people who are the taxpayers -- paying for their own destruction.

We've had ENOUGH OF ARPAIO, THOMAS AND PEARCE and their abuse.


Piss on Arpaio, his Monkey's and Wells Fargo Bank.

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