Feedback from the issue of Thursday, September 18, 2008


Joe Arpaio's nauseating situation: I'm constantly sickened to my stomach over the reported treatment of inmates in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office's jails ("Dead Again," John Dickerson, September 11). Why does it seem that the people who work for the MCSO get away with so much abuse?

These [detention officers] who are abusive ought to have the same thing done to them as they do to inmates. Also, do [sheriff's officials] do psychological reports on the stability of the people they hire? Seems like a lot of their people have skeletons in their closets.
Patricia Jenske, via the Internet

Thomas is the true threat here: How does Sheriff Joe Arpaio keep getting away with punishing legal dissent? In a civilized state — where law enforcement officials have to obey the law they enforce or wind up in prison — Arpaio's henchmen would be in chains for what they did to your reporter ("Free Ray Stern," Michael Lacey, August 28).

But it's easy to see why the sheriff is emboldened. He's been getting away with it for going on 20 years. Now he has spawned a Harvard-educated clone, County Attorney Andrew Thomas, who's every bit as evil — only much, much younger.

Unless voters come to their senses and get rid of at least Thomas in the general election, we're in for tyranny for a long, long time. Arpaio will die of natural causes soon enough (he's 76) or go so senile that he won't be able to function. It's Thomas who's the scary one. If voters sanction him to keep being a Nazi — and he keeps letting Arpaio be one — God help us!

When society allows the government to try to silence a reporter who's only doing what he has a legal right to do, then how can we keep those who abuse their power in check? I know a lot of people who are looking to move out of Maricopa County because of government oppression. I hope the general election makes this unnecessary.
Jeffrey Thomas, Phoenix

Who polices the police?: You guys are doing a great job reporting government corruption. Certainly (and unfortunately) there seems to be job security in that field. But whose job is it to police the police, or to prosecute the prosecutor? Whoever it is, they don't seem to be doing their job too well.
Jeff Turner, Sierra Vista


"I'll be taking Southwest . . .": What an evil coup the eastern pilots (the original US Air guys) have pulled on the former America West pilots, though the situation seems far from over ("Unfriendly Skies," Sarah Fenske, September 4).

I don't blame the former America West guys for doing what they're doing when their careers are at stake. But it goes to show you how even like-minded folks (pilots) will turn on each other when it comes to livelihood. The eastern guys are real cutthroats.

For the former America West pilots to be laid off, because the seniority list is cooked, is hugely unfair. And all this squabbling can't be good for air travelers. I, for one, am glad that the America West guys (many of whom are out of Phoenix) are not allowing the guys who screwed them over [to sit] in cabin jump seats. The last thing any of us wants is fisticuffs in the cabin of an airliner.

An exaggeration? Who knows in this dog-eat-dog airline climate? I've got a question: Why is it that the airline industry always seems to be fucked up? I can't remember a time when airlines weren't going broke, having troubles.

Although it may not be much better than other airlines, I'll be taking Southwest, or whatever else, on my next trips. I had a choice recently to take US Airways or Northwest to my destination. I chose the hometown airline, since US Airways is headquartered in Tempe. Not again in the near future. Maybe never.
W.T. Wilson, Phoenix

Nobody wants upset pilots: It's a scary situation over at US Airways. Don't think I'll be traveling on that airline until the pilots work out their differences.

The part about how the one pilot couldn't even fly back to Phoenix because he was so upset about getting named in a legal action gave me the shivers. The less-experienced pilot had to take over while this guy shit bricks. Not a good situation for passengers. Nobody wants upset pilots in the cockpit.
Dirk Reginald, Phoenix

Union threatens survival of US Airways: As one of the accused pilots, it's refreshing to finally have our story told. A few facts to add to the story:

• Financially healthy America West bought (not merged with) bankrupt US Airways, which industry experts said was weeks away from closing its doors for good.

• The USAPA union's lawyers tried to coerce the accused pilots to sign a confession, which would have falsely implicated other pilots.

• The George Nicolau seniority award included 517 east pilots on top of all west pilots, with a 2-to-1 east/west ratio after that. Hardly a "windfall" for the west.

• Instead of accepting the award, joining forces and fighting for an industry-leading contract, the east pilots decided to form a divisive union that, ultimately, is threatening the very survival of US Airways.
Eric Auxier, Phoenix

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I think its time that we got rid of Arpio. He treats everyone as if they were dogs! He must be the head leader of the KKK!!!

Its time to get rid of the OLD and in in with the GOOD! Please do something good for Maricopa this November and vote him OUT!


This is crazy....I even experience this by mcso for being a transgender individual... its sad. and nothing happens to them.


Its a shame we must put up with so much crime. Hopefully we will someday have less of a criminal element in the world.

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