Now that's what this sapsucker calls selective enforcement.

For Thomas and Arpaio, immigration has become yet another way to put more bodies under the heel of the county's Doc Martens. These bodies are largely brown and are subject to the MCSO's racial-profiling tactics. Profiling tactics, this pecker might add, that are currently under investigation by three federal agencies: the FBI, the GAO and ICE, with which the MCSO has a memorandum of agreement for the use of its federally trained 287g officers.

Using his federal authority, Arpaio has conducted numerous unconstitutional sweeps through Valley neighborhoods, causing widespread anxiety and terror. He's raided Valley water parks and a Mesa landscaping company, and collared corn vendors in Maryvale.

Danny Hellman

Most recently, his shock troops descended on Chandler's Gold Canyon candle company. With a warrant for only about 20, the MCSO executed a military-style raid with hooded SWAT team members wielding assault rifles. Effectively, they held 200 employees of the company hostage for five hours, while Joe's Gestapo decided whom to hold and whom to let go.

"They quarantined everybody in a conference room," complained company spokeswoman Rebecca Clyde. "Office employees, the IT department, customer service, secretaries, people like that. Everybody including executives, everybody at every level was held."

Get the picture? So just being Caucasian or having a white-collar job doesn't excuse you from boot time. People were not allowed to go to the bathroom without a police escort, said Clyde. There were not enough seats for everyone, so some people had to stand. Sounds like a remake of that '70s TV flick Raid on Entebbe, dramatizing the hijack of an Air France jet to Uganda, with Joe Arpaio playing Idi Amin.

The company's lawyer wasn't allowed into the building or access to the list of names of the MCSO's suspects. Hey, so much for your right to counsel in Maricopa County, much less freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.

The raid occurred even though Gold Canyon boasts revenues of $100 million a year, employs 300 Arizonans, around 75 of them white-collar, and participated in the federal E-Verify pilot program even before the employer sanctions law became effective in January.

Think you're off the hook 'cause you follow the law? The owners of Gold Canyon now know better.

Even if you have no sympathy for those whose mother or father (sometimes the sole breadwinner of a family) has been carted away for immigration violations — perhaps never to be seen on this side of the border again — this warbler thinks you should at least worry about your own skin.

'Cause if you live in Maricopa County under the Uncle Joe and Candy regime, the flesh of you or yours could bear the boot print before it's all over.


Will someone please tell Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services to stick a day-old sock in it? The winged wonder was watching this full-of-himself gasbag on KAET Horizon's journalists roundtable the other day, when he spewed forth the dumbest statement since Jesse Jackson was caught saying he wanted to cut Barack Obama's nuts off.

"How many weeks have we sat around this table," smarmed the fatuous know-it-all to his fellow Fourth Estaters, "talked about Sheriff Joe, talked about things going on, talked about multimillion-dollar judgments against him. Talked about protests. And every poll, the guy's in the 70 and 80 percent [range]. I mean, even after this candle factory thing."

WTF? Nickel Bag hasn't been in the 80th percentile for years. In fact, as was first documented by the Taloned One's blogging bro Feathered Bastard (and later ripped off by several journalists in town), even a poll listed on Joe's own site of showed nearly 70 percent of those voting online choosing "Absolutely Not!" when queried if they were gonna pull the lever for Joe come November.

Joe's flunkies jerked down the poll not long after FB's blog item was posted, but not before revealing the IP addresses of some of those who voted, and how they voted, a blunder even the Horizon dunderheads picked up on.

That poll wasn't scientific, of course. It's the kind you see on the Web site of KTAR and elsewhere, ones usually used by Joe fanatics to tout the crusty top cop's popularity.

But as this worm-wrangler's mentioned time and time again in this column, real polls have shown a steady decline in Arpaio's approval ratings over the past year and a half, from 64 percent in March 2007 to 54 percent at the end of July, according to Phoenix polling firm Rocky Mountain/BRC.

Horizon host Ted Simons quickly corrected Fischer's flub, telling him what he should already know if he'd pull his head out of his rear — that Joe's numbers are nowhere near the 80th percentile. But Fischer didn't seem to care that he'd effed up on camera, and persisted in his moronic malarkey.

"But we're still down to the other half of the question," replied Fischer. "So let's assume he's down to 60; let's assume he's down to 55. Dan Saban has yet to make a concise case of why to eject him. Simply saying, 'I'm different' . . . If you're gonna replace the horse you know with the horse you don't know, you better have a damn good reason."

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Just listening to Arpio speak in interviews, it becomes obvious how thoughtless, inefficient, and arrogant he is. What is with the voters of Arizona??? Are more than half of them over the age of 80??? because that is the only way his popularity makes any sense at all.


Sheriff Joe is a good man and the lawlwss scuzzbuckets wanna destroy him- GOD BLESS AMERiCA- keep going Joe because there are millions of us out here that know Obama has deceived America- and alotta rich powerful people are behind him who are evil-


And who is protecting America? not obama, not janet who claimed it was a federal issue when she was Governor. Now she is the fed. it is a law that was passed by voters.

this administration is against everything America stands for like laws. they supply cartels with ghuns that KlLL our own agents. that are used to mur_der Americans and mexicans.

95% of lllegals in AZ are from south of the boarder, they cause havoc in our system, calls in phoenix are 75% hispanic related, if you think i am wrong then download a scanner app and


Former Republican
Former Republican

The County Attorney's oath of office clearly states that he is to act apolitically and as a minister of justice. Seeking the truth and fair justice seems to escape Thomas in his quest to destroy lives, families and their children, for his own personal agenda.

This Republican will vote for Dan Saban for Sheriff and Tim Nelson for County Attorney.

Doug Reilly
Doug Reilly

I am truly surprised that someone has not taken that punk Arpaio out yet. I guess its probably just a matter of time. He'll screw with the wrong person one day and become a distant memory!

Doug Reillywww.FireMe.To/udi


There is enough of us that have been harassed and had our Contitutional Rights violated by these Monkey's.

Maybe it's time we all band together and start a Class Action Suit against Arpaio, Thomas, Maricopa County and the Board of Stupidvisors....

Vote out Thomas/Joe
Vote out Thomas/Joe

The really sad thing about these men is the destroying of lives these men have caused for their own political gain. Courtney Bisbee is in jail used by these men when we were all hot on child molesters, nevermind there was no evidence to support the facts. An innocent women lost her child, her live as she knew it. Anyone who looks at the story can tell it was a child custody case where the ex-husband buried his ex-wife alive in Sheriff Joe's prison. Thomas has had the recanted testimony for over a year. It is not about justice. It is all about headlines. Dan Saban knows this, Lisa Aubuchon says everyone is guilty she is a charging officer...with that mentality the county attorney is not discriminate with the cases. Moms at malls,Andrew Thomas thinks women who put there children in daycare should be put in jail. Joe has just gotten feeble. Thomas will hide behind illegal immigration so you don't notice his theft of funds from Maricopa County for billboards, brochures. I am sickened evrytime I see the mothers who lost their children to drugs and hear Andrew Thomas's voice as a tag line. He has utilized these mothers grief as a political ploy. If he was doing his job and sheriff joe was doing his job the drug dealers would be caught and prosecuted. They are pretending to be a sheriff and a county attorney. Hopefully the citizens of Maricopa County will realize the Joe and Andy show is in reruns and we need to cancel this show. I heard on the KFYI this morning Sheriff Joe say he would "enforce the laws he wants to enforce." Thomas will prosecute the cases he wants to prosecute. This is not ethical, it is not right. Selective enforcement is what led to the New Times arrest.I am a conservative Republican not a liberal. These men are corrupt and self serving. This election residents of Maricopa County should educate themselves to the facts and vote accordingly. If you do Dan Saban and Tim Nelson should be elected.


Geez, Maricopa County sucks. It's becomming more and more like Nazi Germany everyday here.

Where the law can break the law anytime they want and trample all over the US Constitution anytime they feel like it with the blessing of other Politicians.

Maybe what Maricopa County needs is a good old fashion major riot for rights and to take back over this Nazi mentality that is destroying Maricopa County.

George Wells
George Wells

What's the matter with people in Arizona? Do they enjoy living in this police state Mr. Lemons describes? Apparently they do. I would say they deserve what they get, except that too many innocent are trampled underfoot as well. I can only hope Arpaio loses reelection. But as long as he stays in power, I'll be avoiding Maricopa County in my travels.

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