Alcohol withdrawal is a bitch, and it kills. A lot, if it's bad enough. This man's actions warranted the exact level of force that he received. He was not "beaten," I assure you. He was, however, restrained — aggressively.

The bruises you see are from altercations with other inmates who threatened to kill him. The two officers who used the exact same report were probably doing so out of fear. At any rate, it's obvious that whichever officer wrote it can't write reports for shit. I hope they are punished for their actions.

I'm sure the insurance company will pay out [to the victim's family] again, and this won't go to trial, which is a shame. Seriously, folks, come on down and have a look. I really wish people didn't believe everything they heard, but then again, I don't know why I'd expect more from sheep.
Big Bad D.O., Phoenix

Above the law? Sure appears that way: In a state where Eric Clapton would probably be arrested for singing, "I shot the sheriff," the murders at the sheriff's hands are beyond appalling. Is there no accountability?

John McCain runs for president, but he has no pull or jurisdiction to rein in a rogue sheriff? J. Arpayaso (beautiful Spanglish and appropriate). In Stephen King's It, killer clowns are fairy tales. [Not] in the real world. Can it be that Nickel Bag and his thugs are above the law?

What is the worst Arpaio can face? That Sun City might not re-elect him. Early retirement? Incarceration for being criminally senile? Is the killer clown accountable to anyone besides his bingo companions?

It's only a matter of time until Joe kills someone with a six-figure income and a suit and tie. Then the proverbial fan will get hit so hard it won't be able to rotate. Meanwhile, keep up the good fight so we don't have to wait for him to roast in the fires below with an apple in his mouth.
Name withheld

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