In June 2002, the detective contacted Page DeWitt, a local real estate agent whose role in the investigation would become huge.

Page was and is in the catbird's seat.

She is Hilary Grant's first cousin and provided Hilary a place to stay for months after the younger woman went to work for Doug's company. She also was one of Faylene's best friends and was close to Doug at one point.

Brian Stauffer
Faylene and Doug Grant on the day of their remarriage, July 27, 2001.
Faylene and Doug Grant on the day of their remarriage, July 27, 2001.


First of two parts. Read Part Two here.

Doug had given Page a sealed envelope to give to Hilary a week after he and Faylene remarried. Instead, she had opened the package in the presence of Hilary's sister, Holly, and read its contents.

The letter from Doug to Hilary was an apology for having hurt the young woman, and it told her to stay strong.

There wasn't one word about telling Hilary to "wait" for Doug to come back to her, or any indication that he wanted to continue the relationship on the sly.

Page resealed the envelope and mailed it to Hilary.

Detective Ray later insisted that he hadn't recorded this interview with Page at her request. That, too, turned out to be false. (Part II of this story, in next week's issue, will provide details.)

Ray's report focused mostly on Page's account of what Kari Handley allegedly had told her about Doug's urging Hilary to "wait for him" after his remarriage.

According to the report, Page also said she had learned from Kari that Doug had instructed Hilary to watch First Knight, the 1995 movie starring Sean Connery and Richard Gere.

Doug, in a case of gender reversal, apparently saw himself as the character of Guinevere in the period piece, Faylene as King Arthur, and Hilary as Lancelot.

In the movie, King Arthur dies after telling Guinevere to go with Lancelot, the proverbial knight in shining armor.

By the end of the movie, that's what happens.

On July 18, 2002, Sy Ray summoned Doug and Hilary Grant to the police station to "tie up some loose ends."

Ray immediately separated the couple, saying he wanted to speak with Doug alone while Hilary spoke with another detective.

The Grants would leave more than seven hours later.

Detective Ray started by telling Doug that Faylene "had an extremely high level of Ambien in her system," but he needed to learn more from experts about how long the drug would have taken to kick in "to close out the case."

Ray talked about Faylene's life insurance policy, which she had taken steps with Doug's insurance agent brother Vaughn (shortly before she died) to increase from $300,000 to $860,000.

"When we got back together, Faylene started feeling that she was gonna go," Doug explained. "She called my brother and asked him about taking it up . . . and I told her that I didn't think that was right, so she didn't. I just thought it was taking things a little too far."

Hours into the interview, Ray asked Doug how long it had been from the time Faylene had turned off the water and gotten into the bathtub until he found her.

"An hour," Doug said, a surely inaccurate answer that prosecutor Juan Martinez is certain to bring up at trial.

Doug told the detective there had been "conversations about getting married [to Hilary] from the get-go because of what Faylene's wishes were."

Ray said that sounded odd to him.

"It's past odd," Doug agreed, adding that he had gotten "caught up" in Faylene's death obsessions "and I should have stopped it."

In the next interview room, another Gilbert detective was speaking with Hilary, who said she and Faylene had become close after the July 2001 remarriage, despite the admitted weirdness of the situation.

Hilary told the detective that Faylene had called from Utah before falling from the cliff to say her death was going to be very soon.

Sy Ray then took over, interviewing Hilary as Doug sat in another room.

The detective told her he had "serious concerns" about several "lies" that Doug had just told him:

"He never met you in the park, he never gave you money or made any statements, he didn't propose to you . . . Put yourself in my shoes."

Hilary shot back at him, "How will we ever know [the truth] until we're standing face to face with [Faylene]?"

Ray warned her that the toxicology reports on Faylene "are just about there," and that he anticipated the tests would prove Faylene couldn't have made it to the tub by herself. (He was lying. The test results already were in.)

"And you know what?" Ray told her, "I'm almost positive that Doug put Faylene in the bathtub. I'm not far from proving that."

Hilary was sobbing loudly by then.

"I know how it looks," she said.

Hilary noted, accurately, that Faylene's premonitions of death had started months before her getting back with Doug.

Hilary said she'd been praying about a lot of things.

"So you were praying that Faylene would pass away?" Ray asked.

"No," she responded.

Ray told Hilary that the LDS faith views suicide or assisted suicide with the same gravity as murder.

"If Faylene committed suicide, she would not be entitled to these gifts [in Heaven] she wrote about," the detective said, inaccurately referring to official Mormon thinking on the issue.

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I was a juror that convicted Doug Grant; as after reading Paul Rubin�s article, �Hate For Doug Grant: Despite Scant Evidence That Grant Killed His Wife, the Jury Convicted Him Anyhow� I found it to be very uninformative with the deliberation process in how the jury concluded its verdict. As there were many emotional women on the jury panel, I do believe their opinions and feelings of Doug Grant played a role in the manner of murder which Doug Grant would be charger, yet Doug Grant was found guilty for manslaughter based on "RECKLESSNESS" in not aiding to Fayleen�s care the morning that she was found unresponsive (not dead) in the bathtub. Let me elaborate a little, Doug Grant never called 911 that morning, Doug Grant attempted to perform CPR on a bed (information provided by the defense counsel), Doug Grant called Chad White once finding Fayleen in the tub following with Chad White's call to 911 stating, "I believe that he (Doug Grant) wasn�t going to call 911... he�s (Doug Grant) said that�s he�s afraid and not sure why he would say something like that." Having said this, it was enough reason for me to find Doug Grant guilty for manslaughter under the terms of �RECKLESSNESS.�

***Final Vote (6 for first degree, 4 for second degree, 2 for manslaughter)



Paul Rubin will be facing libel and slander charges for misleading reporting once the trial is over.

a reader from NJ
a reader from NJ

this was a very interesting read, the author should make it a book. it's in no way journalistic, however, being appallingly biased, referring to this poor woman's delusions as "premonitions" or "revelations" and capitializing words like heaven, god, earth and whatnot. there is also attributing intent behind words, what they were referring to, referencing conversations that the author did not himself hear.

but there is incredible detail and it's a captivating read, so long as you forget that the people involved are real, and that a real woman was neglected, abused, manipulated and murdered. by her husband, her family and a bizarre cult.

betty lou
betty lou

seems like Ted from tuscon and the one who called Faylene a narcissic sociopath are only 2 who get it rest are media prosecutors who put no extra thought into things.SHe not only wanted everything revolved aroudn her but sounds like she wanted to contral things after she died. COps cant do wrong? have you seen the 8 yr old being questioned? did these cops think theyd solve a case and get a feather in their cap? they should get a boot in their as----es. and thrown out.


Mr. Grant is not guilty. Sorry to say but, Faylene was a LOONEY!! However, I do think she just fell asleep in the tub. Ive noticed that in most cases of a death of a spouse, they always accuse the other spouse. The marriage after a month looked really bad but maybe he was just granting her wishes, because he LOVED her? I just think it was an accident!

I wish both, Faylene's family and Mr. Grant the best of luck.

Mel McDonald is my hero. He is an AMAZING attorney and super friendly!


And you people are worried about the "sanctity" of marraige?Give me a frikin' break!



this whole story is twisted.why are people blaming Gilbert PD they didnt kill anyoune?? and isnt it funny how she falls off a cliff and then within days she drowns in a bath tub??? seems to me like "her beloved" husband pushed her off the cliff and she lived so he gave her a bunch of meds and drowned her.

case over hes guilty, outcome - he goes to jail 25 years, thats what you get when you commit MURDER! if you dont want to go to prison dont kill your wife stupid.


Im confused. Let me see if I have this straight. Faylene went to bed at 8:00 pm. Doug said at some time Faylene got up and got in the tub. Doug said he fell back asleep?

Then at 7:46 am or something he saw his step daughter in the kitchen. A few minutes later he finds Faylene???

**************************************************** BACKGROUND ;Doug has many persciptions filled for her.He runs a company that distributes and advises people on there health, sells supplements, written books, given seminars. . He is advised to consult his friend before giving her the sleeping pills. But doesn't. Why? He knows everything

His wife has suppositly said that she may not be here on earth long. Is it a a vision of shorts ,or is it a idea placed in her head, and played out by Doug & his Mistress??

This woman has had 4 children & survived falling off a cliff? But has an accident in the bed??? Surely this is out of character for her.

Doug knows this and goes to sleep anyways? Does he expect his injured wife to change the sheets? Or does he expect her to lay in it? He doesn't check on her at all?

The woman he married twice, the mother of his children.



I'm sorry but when most men get up in the morning don't they usually urinate? You telling me he didn't go to the bathroom, and see his wife floating? I don't believe that for a minute. He is well calcualted i'd say, making sure everything is just so. And why didn't he call 911 first? Guilt !!! Sucker I hope you Fry!!!


This whole story is crap. In the photo marked Doug Grant took this photo of Faylene in Utah just one day before she fell off a cliff at the site. I don't know if anyone noticed but the date on the picture shows 3-10-94. I don't think that was taken the day before she fell. I had the photo blown up, and it definately shows a 1994 date. How much more bull is Doug Grant going to provide to you. If I were you, I would drop this story like a bad habit.


You call that Journalism.

I have to admit that I am related distantly to Faylene through marraige to a cousin. I met her a couple of times at family functions. That being said, I don't know her at all. I also don't know Doug at all. Your article however, is garbage. You make so many assumptions about people and their thoughts and feelings. You are definitely no journalist. More of a hack really trying to get people swayed to your own personal opinion.

Personally, I learned more about the case from you than from anyone in the family. I do know that her family doesn't talk about the case when we have family reunions and get togethers. At least you put quotations around things that can't be disputed.

The fact that you spin your article to assume Doug's innocence and Gilbert Police's incompetence is obvious. I will say that the police have been completely incompetent in this case. So was the medical examiner. This should have looked suspicious from the first day. They only took 5 pictures. Even if it didn't look suspicious we are talking about someone's life. That alone should have been enough reason to take the investigation a little more seriously from the beginning.

I went to the funeral and the viewing. I suspected something was wrong with Doug Grant the first time I saw him at the viewing. He was acting very strange. He was acting fake sad. Everyone else was in tears. He almost had this smug smile behind his fake grief. I didn't know anything about how she died, or that they had just been remarried, or that he had cheated on her anything else about their relationship. My wife and I went home that night and I commented to her that I thought something was strange about Doug, that he didn't seem to be very sad about his wife's death. It was weird.

Well, as you know Doug Grant has turned out to be a liar, by his own adimission. He cheated on his wife, very trustworthy, he changed his story repeatedly, his friend said he was afraid to call 911. I would assume when you murder your wife that you might be afraid to call 911. That is my assumption of course.

The LDS church believes strongly in God's eternal plan of happiness. We believe that this world is a place where we learn to use our agency to choose good or evil, and that this world is just a stopping point in the eternal scheme of things. For an LDS person to talk about what will happen in the next life certainly does not make them suicidal. We also believe in personal revelation. This is not a foreign concept. If you can pray, you can receive personal revelation. The concept of personal revelation has been around since Adam and Eve. The fact that Faylene wrote down these things in her journal does not make her crazy. Many people write things down in their journals that they don't intend for anyone but themselves. Using her journal in your article is ridiculous. I bet if we knew the thoughts that went through your very own head we would think you were crazy too. Faylene wrote hers down, big deal. Why don't you focus on facts instead of personal religous beliefs and a private journal that has nothing to do with the case. If you think the journal is relevant, at least admit that it is open for interpretation by someone who knows about our religion, definitely not an outsider like yourself.

Let's consider these facts

Fact: Doug Grant is a liar.

Fact: Doug Grant cheated on his wife.

Fact: Doug wanted to raise his wife's Life insurance only weeks before her death

Fact: Doug Grant did not call 911 when he found his wife dead

Fact: He didn't even tell his children

Fact: The Gilbert Police only took 5 pictures and didn't take this serious until way too late

Fact: Doug Grant was engaged to be remarried less than a month after his wife's death to a person he cheated on his wife with.

Fact: Hilary, Doug's new wife doesn't want him to go to jail. (This makes her a very unreliable source of information. Apparently that wasn't written in your text book of Journalism)

Fact: Doug Grant's family doesn't want him to go to jail either. They are also going to be generally unreliable for information.

Fact: Doug Grant admitted that had not been truthful with the police

None of these facts prove that Doug did anything. But your assumptions in your article are just bad Journalism. Your opinion is that Doug was an idiot for getting remarried within a month of his wife's death. Your are right. You don't think he killed her.

I think he did. It is just bad journalism to spin the facts the way you did. Clearly subjective on your part. I hope you get fired for your lame opinions placed as facts.


This is such a sad story. Everyone has a past and everyone has problems! But just because someone "crooked gilbert cops" have blown this suicide out of proportion and have tried to turn it into something its not, people are suffering that shouldnt have to suffer anymore than they already have... After reading this story i feel bad for the grant family and anyone that is involved in the case. Clearly his wife had serious mental problems and should have seeked help.A business partner of mine lived in the same comunity as the eves family did , and it sounds like Faylene wasnt the only one with mental problems in that family...This shouldnt even be a case... And the whole "people changing there minds after the Detective had had some time to skeem up some bs hoax... that just shows this could happen to anyone. After reading this article it has really boosted my confidence level in the gilbert PD... what a joke.


After letting the sadness and deceitfulness that led to the tragic outcome of this story run through the sieve one is left with a soap opera of mormon characters brainwashed to the extent that they are unable to function and think within the realm of reality.the saddest part of all...the children that had to be and will continue to be exposed to all of this



This is completely biased & I believe much like others it was fed for Doug's purpose. He has to be the center of whatever universe he's in. So this is how he is trying to help shed light on his side. Actually what he's doing is trying to stir up interest, so that he can be a "celebrity" or a high profile case. I guarentee regardless of how this goes he will seek to have a movie made from this. Don't u all see it doesn't matter weather its negative or positive attention for him . as long as it is ATTENTION. And i love how they are doing 2 parts. Please. Why?? I'm telling you folks he wants to draw u in. Or he trying to create a Mistrial, by stating he wouldn't get a fair hearing due to the publicity. Please do not fall into this manipulaters hands. I guarentee he has seen this and proofed it. Do not give him the attention. He is a scum bag who went to far to get what he wanted and used his power for evil instead of good.He took advantage of Faylene and centered on her weakness and used it to his advantage to get it all and almost get away with it. Sure all moms have bouts of depression, but i don't know very many women that would say "please marry the person you cheated on me with right away, Oh and please let her be the mother to MY children." Doug knew his way @ meds with a company that sells them. He knew what was lethal and what wasn't. He Knew.. Try googling this man there r interesting reads, About his court case for anyone to view online. He is a master manipulator and cheated on anyone, everyone, and played them like a fiddle. And that is what he's doing to the public.


LOL -- how many "minutes" does it take for a post to go through, anyway? It's pretty much instantaneous on most other sites...


While I wasn't there and will never know for sure -- this seems fairly clear to me. Looks like Doug fed her death obsession for his own purposes. One particular passage in your article definitely stands out like a sore thumb in this regard -- and that would be Doug telling Faylene about HIS visions that she would reach the Celestial Heaven/Kingdom.

Yep, this just screams of manipulation. He likely did want the money, did NOT want to fork over money as a result of a divorce, and found the absolute best way to do it -- feed her own morbid obsessions. I wonder if he encouraged her to think she would die soon? Sounds like a real possibility. I mean really -- increasing the life insurance by that much shortly before dying? I guess she could've planned it all, and then again, I also think Doug could've strongly influenced her morbid visions and encouraged them -- "yes, dear, I think you just MIGHT die soon -- God will love you for it!" And so would Doug's pocketbook.

I see nothing about this guy that shows anything else other than that he is a manipulating womanizer. It sounds like Hilary is very naive and easily manipulated as well -- no doubt Doug finds that a great quality in women - naivety. Some of us aren't that naive, though, Doug. But you wouldn't want anything to do with someone who can see right through such things, would you? I'm sorry that Faylene didn't see how badly she was probably being manipulated. Unfortunately her own weakened mind likely gave Doug the foot in the door he needed to complete her prophecy and turn it into reality. I hope you're reading this, Doug -- you know what you likely did. And many of us aren't nearly so gullible as the women in your life appear to be.

And I sincerely doubt someone so utterly modest as Faylene would think it great to commit suicide in the tub, naked. And for someone so devout to commit suicide... It could happen, but I find it very, very unlikely.

Oh yes, and regarding how you "shockingly" convey how the detective lied to them in the interrogations -- yes, that's purely standard practice. You can lie to me all day long, you see, about what evidence you found. If I KNOW I'm innocent, you won't convince me to confess to what I DID NOT DO. And innocent people often react in very particular ways when accused.

Unfortunately, though, Doug appears too calculated to EVER admit his likely guilt (let's not forget his 'amazing' performance relayed by this reporter -- calculated people can easily fake such a performance, and certainly it happens EVERY DAY in the business world).

People deny wrong-doing all of the time. The last time I checked, about 95% of the prison population claims they did absolutely nothing wrong. I don't doubt there are people in there by mistake, but umm....NOT 95%. And yet, if you listen to them, wow, nearly ALL of them should be let free! Oh, the injustice!

You can take the defense side all you want, New Times, but I think this guy's guilt is pretty obvious. Now whether or not that can be proven in a court of law -- well I guess we'll have to wait and find out.


"If the writer had so much help from the defense, why would he have put in that journal entry? Looks like he was trying to get us to think about a tricky case."

There is incorrect information in this article. If the writer really had access to the journal, the information would be correct. The defense is feeding this to the writer, and adding a few bad things about Doug to make it look like the writer is unbiased. Where do you think the pictures came from? The victims family would never have supplied them.


Sy Ray shoould be sued for all he's got and then more. I had an experience myself with lying cops who got indictments for eight felonies from a grand jury. Lucky for me there were numerous witnesses who told the truth and I was exonerated. And both cops lost their jobs after I sued them! Worthless lying cops should not be tolerated on any police force.

Johnny C
Johnny C

Tried to send this once, will try again. If this writer was so biased, why would he have put in that particular journal entry? I don't know, maybe this guy is guilty, maybe not. But it sounds to me like the woman was very ill and manipulative, and Grant was just manipulative. I know from personal experience (family member) that not everyone charged with something is guilty. Really. I also know everyone has skeletons in the closet. Overall, I read the whole story and don't know what to think except these were/are some twisted people and I feel sorry for all of them...

Johnny C
Johnny C

If the writer had so much help from the defense, why would he have put in that journal entry? Looks like he was trying to get us to think about a tricky case. Anyway, kept me reading. I don't know. She sounds pretty sick and manipulative, and he just sounds manipulative and horny. Does that him a murderer? Maybe not, maybe yes. But I know from personal experience (family member) that not everyone is guilty as charged. Really...


"It just touched me," she wrote in a September 5 journal entry, "that this is another reason I must have faith in Doug's vision (he dreams it every night now), that I will get to go to the Celestial Kingdom because this is where [baby] Nicolle is in the pre-existence."

So just what exactly was "Doug's Vision". Sounds like he was manipulating her. I would love to see an article that was unbiased. This one had way too much help from the defense.


So, having read your article and awaiting part two, I have a question. Why is there a part two? As I understand, you are writing this article because an unfaithful, egotistical, powerful, wealthy man KILLED his good Mormon wife and now wants to live out his life with his mistress whom he married. It appears from the article that he feels he doesn't deserve to go to jail. From what I can tell a court date is just around the corner...... Hey I have an idea. Let's all commit crimes, when we get caught.....just hire some scumbag attorney.....(ya know the kind, they have �been there and done it all�) for big bucks, of course; after all, we can afford it. Then when it comes to trial.....we will just blame the hokey Police Dept. and all the bumbling Detectives. Looking at the picture you have of a pretty family, blond wife and wonderful children.....when things don't go his way....again.....who will be disappearing from that picture??? Somebody better listen to that Detective and District Attorney.


What a crock.


Yeah baby...


Boy, what a story... I just can not figure out as to why friends or family did not have this woman committed to the hospital for evaluation. For so long all she talked about or wrote about was "not being here for very long". Anyone smart enough would know that she has a mental problem and is crying out for help.

Art Garcia
Art Garcia

I just happened on to this story while I was looking for something else. I haven't read a story this interesting in a long, long time. I can't wait to see what happens next. I don't know what to think, other than there's not a lot of evidence against this guy.


Whether it is murder or not, clearly this poor woman had a severe mental problem that she cloaked in stringent religious adherence. This is such a sad story in so many ways. The article calls Grant a narcissist but Faylene certainly displayed a narcissisim that excluded her children in her 'heavenly' plans. Most Mormon women I know would die for their children. Her journals clearly portray a woman who was oblivious to everything except a delusional heavenly plan with her being the necessary center for it to all play out. It's really unfortunate that her mental illness was perceived as religiosity.

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