I have this picture in my head of Jesus coming into my church and violently flipping tables over.
Denise Gilbert, via the Internet

Another P.O.'d parishioner: The video Olmstead showed in church was disgusting. How many other Catholics in the Phoenix diocese were disgusted by that?

Prop 102 is a political stunt to get the conservative base out in Arizona. Olmstead bought into this stunt for "moral, save-marriage" purposes. What nonsense.

Is he going to play a McCain/Palin video next week during mass? I wish the Catholic hierarchy were as concerned about the mistreatment of migrants, war, genocide, injustice, as they are about gays and reproductive choice.
Name withheld

Montiel and Olmsted are a couple of sellouts: Mayor Frank Montiel [isn't] speaking for all the people of Guadalupe ("Guadalupe Meltdown," The Bird, September 25). After all, there were a great many protesters from Guadalupe when Bozo Joe was there rounding up all the guilty brown-skinners. Yes, according to the sheriff, those arrested committed the horrible crime of being brown.

So Montiel has wound up as the town's sellout and ass-kisser to none other than the buffoon sheriff [by asking the county Board of Supervisors to reconsider the Arpaio-inspired dropping of the MCSO's contract with the town].

Just ask rock star [and ousted Mayor] Rebecca Jimenez.

And what's the deal with the bishop not taking a stance? As a Catholic, I would hope he would have the church and its many followers speaking out against mean, senile, ol' [Joe]. Maybe then, Arpaio would see the error of his ways.
Name withheld

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Alter boy abuser David Ostler in Sun City West,Az. Bishop has no other place to put him Olmsted you are a bastard devil, get him out. Just like Luke Air Force Chapel you sent Fr. Schultz there for six months he was on the SNAP list of abusers.

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