The plan was for the band to play a big show every two months and build a following that way. Touring and getting signed aren't the overriding concerns they once might have been. "I would never say never. We're doing it for fun and to make good music. I think when you set out to make hit records and get a record deal, you make stale music and just recycle stuff."

It's 10 o'clock and Giantkiller's set begins with Woosley onstage alone singing "The Deep," a beautiful a cappella that was sequenced midway through the new album. It really is "super epic" and an attention getter. Once the band joins him onstage and kicks into songs like "The Rose Parade" and "Keep Me Wide Awake," the combination of heavy rock with progressive tendencies, Woosley's agile octave jumps and the seismic lighting cues has this audience staring transfixed at the stage until the stage banter breaks the spell.

"In case you're expecting witty stage banter, I've got nothing," says Woosley. "It's also Eric our bass player's last show with us, but don't feel too fucking bad for him because he's moving to Hawaii."

Giantkiller: Slaying the monster.
Kristen Danielson
Giantkiller: Slaying the monster.

Unlike most bands that need to stay in some sort of malevolent character to pull off gargantuan songs of this caliber, seasoned vets like Giantkiller are confident enough to just let the music do the transporting, and image be damned. Nothing indicates this more than seeing Elyea and Woosley under the glow of these expensive ominous lights — in the identical clothes they were wearing that afternoon.

And, no, Woosley didn't sing, "We are Giantkiller. Thank yoooo, Tem-peeeee!" But after playing a stunning set to a packed house, he would've been well within his rights to.

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Susan McMichael
Susan McMichael

this was a "killer" show! The word 'stunning' sums it up for me.

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