Otherwise, how could a consummate professional like the guy you mention [William "Bill" Wilkins] be passed over in favor of a political hack like Lingner, a do-nothing former Phoenix city councilman? Lingner had no experience in public housing while his rival spent eight years running the East St. Louis Housing Authority — twice the size of Maricopa County's.

Good job of exposing this cronyism of the worst sort.
Sara Brown, Phoenix

A consolidated effort to trash Lingner: Doug Lingner is widely recognized as one of the strongest advocates for affordable housing and homeless services in Arizona. The Laveen people wanted to recall him for supporting affordable housing in their area.

By the way, how do you think 50 residents of Laveen found out about this position being open, much less were motivated enough to e-mail the Housing Authority, unless someone mounted an organized effort?

Fifty people don't e-mail about shootings in their neighborhood, much less a hiring process for the director of county housing. The same insiders that put [Sarah Fenske] up to this story organized that e-mail effort. That's pretty obvious.
Craig Echeveste, Phoenix

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