Hairy Tale

Wigging out at Monkey Pants

Throughout human history, wigs have benefited mankind. The ancient Egyptians donned them to shield their melons from the sunshine, France’s King Louis XIII hid his premature baldness with a hairpiece, and now Valley barflies can use them to score cheap alcohol during Wigger Wednesdays. The weird watering hole called Monkey Pants allows anyone sporting a counterfeit coiffure to nab drink specials such as $1.50 domestic pints, $2 well drinks, $2 domestic bottles, and 50 cents off premium beers. “Wigger Wednesday is [about] donning someone else’s ´do and drinking enough cheap booze that the ´do and you weld together into a persona, and taking that persona to places you could only dream,” says Monkey Pants owner Dan O’Leary. “Actually, it’s just a really great opportunity for bald guys to get laid.” Right on.
Wednesdays, 7 p.m., 2008
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