"I dunno. Maybe I'm a little too different for their format. Maybe it's a money thing. Maybe I have to pay them up the wazoo to play my stuff around the clock. Our fans speak for us, but we don't feel like we have to pay all that money to do that."

The humor factor is something else that some people may have a problem with. Take "The Sexorcist," with its fake infomercial announcers and a hilarious impersonation of what passes for R&B love ballads these days, the kind of musical satire Frank Zappa pulled off with deadly accuracy.

Then there's the emotionally charged and surprisingly melodic "I Love You But Fuck You," filled with the exacting details that make you feel as if you're standing in the middle of a Tech N9ne domestic dispute.

Firing off: Tech N9ne
Firing off: Tech N9ne


Tech N9ne is scheduled to perform Thursday, October 23.
Marquee Theatre in Tempe

"Yeah, man, that comes from the heart, and all the people in the song are crushed by it, but they had to do something to be in there. Kutt Kalhoun's girlfriend. She did the wrong thing. She was listening to shit out of San Jose, telling lies about me, what I said about her. She shunned me and I took it personal and I wrote about it. And my wife is the third verse — self-explanatory. Something [I didn't like] happened to me last Christmas with me and my wife, so I had to tell her, 'I love you, but fuck you.'

"Because I give 150 percent of me, I want the world to know my pain," he concludes. "My story is a special one and for everyone not to know, it pisses me the hell off. We give 150 percent, man, so I feel like this is global, my friend. Only a handful of people get it, and I love the people that are getting it. But at the same time, the world needs to have this, man."

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