There's rarely a dull moment to be had at Giligin's, as this wacked-out island-themed watering hole specializes in serving up goofy good times, as well as gigantic 22-ounce beers, to its rowdy patrons. Be sure to check out the weekly goldfish races and beer pong tournaments, or hang out with the always-hilarious Chuey the Rock 'n' Roll Midget, who works his own Lilliputian-sized bar in one corner. 4251 N. Winfield Scott Plaza, 480-874-2264

Reva Perlin has a couple of rules for your ass. First, if you see the go-go dancer working at Axis/Radius, don't try any pickup lines.

"One guy told me, 'Heaven is missing an angel, 'cause she's right here,'" says the 21-year-old. It didn't work.

Second, never refer to her as "eye candy."

Reva Perlin
Reva Perlin
Silver Medallion
Silver Medallion


Peruse the other sections of Shine: Your Pocket Guide to Scottsdale:

"People think we're here just to look pretty. It's much more," she says. "We work hard. You've gotta dance well and get crowds fired up.

Perlin knows plenty about hard work. She shakes her moneymaker four nights a week at Axis and other clubs, and also manages a troupe of dancers for Steve LeVine Entertainment. Besides raking in scrilla (which she's saving for college), dancing's helped the once-shy Cottonwood native come out of her shell.

"It wised me up. I'm 21, but I think like a 30-year-old. I've learned way too much about freaky people after working in clubs."

Silver Medallion is blowing up big-time.

Since its debut in April, the electro/hip-hop duo of Oren J. and Carnegie have gotten on Power 98.3, performed for packed crowds at Myst and Martini Ranch, and opened for such blockbuster acts as Shwayze and DirtNasty.

A big chunk of this success comes courtesy of Scottsdale. More specifically, from Silver Medallion's hilarious rap anthem titled "Scottsdale," which needles the city's affection for over-the-top hedonism. All manner of excess is skewered, from doing drugs in nightclubs to getting plastic surgery.

The biggest fans of the song? People in Scottsdale (natch).

"Everyone in that scene loves it when you glorify them," Carnegie says.

The duo also has a few opinions on the city's sense of style — and not just because Carnegie will be DJing at parties during Scottsdale Fashion Week.

"Scottsdale has style, but it's like everyone wears the same brands: Christian Audigier, Ed Hardy, True Religion," Oren says. "There's little desire to stand out."

That's why they'll inject their own retro-glam style into Scottsdale though weekly fetes at Lyte Lounge starting in December and a line of T-shirts and accessories launching early next year.

"We're helping give Scottsdale a new culture of its own," Oren says.

Hear the song, check out the party schedule:

Scottsdale's nightlife scene is a massive social war zone, fraught with pitfalls. Here are suggestions on how to survive:

• Places get packed starting around 11 p.m., so arrive early to beat crowds and cash in on killer drink specials.

• Hotel concierge staff is often hooked up with nearby clubs and can get you on guest lists.

• Public parking is at Sixth Avenue and Civic Center Plaza, or Third Avenue and Craftsman Court.

• Pedicab services, such as Big Papa (602-618-6702) and other independent operators, offer transportation for as little as $10 to $20.

• Dressing to impress helps get you past picky doormen. Don't don a suit, but ditch the trucker hat or shorts for a collared shirt and nice jeans.

• Be polite and holster the attitude. Rudeness won't get you inside or served drinks any faster.

• Tip bartenders well ($20 or more) for the first round. They'll remember you amongst a sea of faces.

• Know your limits.

Sobering up? Mickey's Hangover (4312 N. Brown Ave., 480-425-0111, is open until 4 a.m., and Joe's NY Pizza (7321 E. Shoeman Lane, 480-947-5637) is open until 3 a.m.; Philadelphia Sandwich Company (7158 E. 5th Ave., 480-970-1102) serves hoagies 24/7.

Still soused? Call Discount Cab (602-200-2000) or AAA Yellow Cab (602-252-5252) to get home and they'll provide a free trip back the next day. Zingo (877-663-8429, also dispatches employees on fold-up scooters who drive you and your ride home. Rates are $25 for pick-ups and the first three miles, $3 per mile thereafter.

Acme Bar & Grill
4245 N. Craftsman Ct.

BS West
7125 E. Fifth Ave.

Coach House
7011 E. Indian School Rd.

The Comedy Spot
7117 E. Third Ave.

Crown Room
7419 E. Indian Plaza

Devil's Martini
4175 N. Goldwater Blvd.

Dirty Pretty
7443 E. Sixth Ave.

7320 E. Stetson Dr.

7330 E. Stetson Dr.

6820 E. Fifth Ave.

Geisha A Go Go
7150 E. Sixth Ave.

Martini Ranch
7295 E. Stetson Dr.

7220 E. First Ave.

Rusty Spur Saloon
7245 E. Main St.

7333 E. Indian Plaza

Sugar Daddy's
3102 N. Scottsdale Rd.

TT Roadhouse
2915 N. 68th St.

Upper Deck Sports Grill
4224 N. Craftsman Ct.

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