You can't stop Joe: Surely, you know that an intoxicated illegal alien hitting Phoenix police Officer Shane Figueroa's vehicle and causing his death personifies to the public what illegals do that drives law enforcement crazy.

I lived on the west side for 20 years in an area that was 90 percent Mexican, and I witnessed people being shot in gang wars, fighting for their turf. I witnessed a whole lot of public intoxication. I knew Mexicans who had been deported and, I don't know how many times, walked back. A gang used to carry its machine guns up the stairs next to my apartment and was involved in a shooting at a party; they shot five people, and two of them died. Police stopped the leader, and he shot himself.

Illegals were always involved in some kind of shooting because it was so hard for law enforcement to track them down when they could run back and forth to Mexico, or to California, and come back without any fear when the furor died down.

Law enforcement, especially with how hard the bad economy has hit Arizona, is really going to have it tough enforcing tougher immigration policies. Are you going to allow yourself to be driven completely insane by your anger at Sheriff Joe Arpaio? The best way you are going to beat Arpaio is to return to good journalism, writing on other subjects besides this man. You have exhausted this subject. You can't stop him.

Things happen in jails. But we should be able to make our highways safer from all the violations by illegals of the traffic laws resulting in death and mayhem. Illegals are poor, bound to drive cars and get drunk, even if they have no registration, license, or anything else. And one bad accident later, they may or may not be taken off the streets.
Gerry King Hitt, Phoenix

Mexicans and the tsunami? A ridiculous analogy: Of one thing we can be certain: Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas are gi-normous a-holes. But we can also be certain that the one thing they actually get right is their tough stance on immigration.

The blight of these illegal immigrants is horrific and undeniable. They severely tax the integrity of our economy and community. Fuck them. Arpaio is doing the right thing in this case.

The big picture is that if word spreads (and it will) that Phoenix is a hostile environment for illegals — and it in any way stems the tide of Mexicans flooding our country like the '04 tsunami flooded Phuket — then all the efforts and money spent funding them were worth it.
Name withheld


Andy, are you reading this letter?: It's a fact of life that every prosecutor who depends upon election or popular support for office needs that bottom-line "conviction rate" to reflect positively upon their performance ("A Real Dog of a Case," Sarah Fenske, October 16). And the Rules of Professional Conduct promulgated by the Arizona Supreme Court don't address this issue. Hence, all prosecutors are obsessed with maintaining an impressive rate for personal and political reasons.

With respect to pursuing conviction, however, the Supreme Court recognizes the destructive potential of prosecution and the danger presented by the overzealous exercise of that power.

Therefore, the rules impose special responsibilities on the public prosecutor. Ethical Rule 3.8(a) specifically prohibits prosecutors from pursuing a charge that's not supported by probable cause. This is premised on the concept that a prosecutor isn't just another advocate but a minister of justice and the trial is a search for the truth, not a means of punishment in and of itself.

How far a prosecutor must go to refrain from punishment prosecution is apparently a matter of opinion in the jurisdiction. However, it's well settled that ethical considerations prohibit criminal prosecution where there's "no reasonable likelihood of conviction," keeping in mind the high burden of proof required.

The defense bar and the bench routinely see under-investigated and over-charged cases brought to trial. However, it's clearly professional misconduct and an abuse of office to use public resources to destroy or even punish a party through the costly trail process. The law must be practiced honorably.
Michael L. Scanlan, Phoenix


Jack Rose scared the hell out of me: I can't believe this article about Jack Rose ("Fool Me Twice," Sarah Fenske, October 9). I met with him in Buckeye after getting a handful of calls from him. He wanted me to invest in several of his companies, all the while telling me about how he represents all the wealthy farmer/land owners of the Buckeye/Goodyear [area].

This man was so arrogant and smug that he scared the hell out of me. I feel sorry for the poor Wood family and everyone else whom he talked into entrusting their wealth to him. He is bad news. Remember what your parents told you: If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
A.J. Rierson, Buckeye

Watch out for hucksters like Jack: Considering this is Arizona, it's not that amazing that Jack Rose could have his much-ballyhooed problem with the Arizona Corporation Commission and then start over in the West Valley. People around here have a short attention span, especially when it comes to a smooth talker like Jack.

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Wally Aiken
Wally Aiken

Until police and prosecutors face real consequences for the unethical actions-and I mean serious prison time--these types of injustices will continue to occur in our society. Although they seem to be correct faster and with apology in other states. AZ, powers that be do not admit it when they are wrong.


Isnt it scary that with just one persons accusation, and entire town can revert bak to Salem and a fair trail can trun into a withc hunt? And Thomas is complaining about the judge in the Stapley case because 'it isnt fair???"" touche'

Jim Cozzolino
Jim Cozzolino

Well, get ready folks...We have 4 more years of corruption to deal with at the hands of Arpaio and Thomas.

Maricopa County Voters that voted for these 2 assholes have got to be the dumbest people walking the face of the earth.

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