I truly hope that somebody stops him now. What has happened to the Wood family is so sad. They trusted the man, and then (from what you have written) he screwed them over. I hope he isn't allowed to pick up and move to another area and start preying on somebody new.
Betsy Madrid, Phoenix


Favoritism is how we roll here: When I read Sarah Fenske's column about Doug Lingner, I was outraged (("Home Boy," September 25).

I guess it should amaze me that the powers that be pick the inexperienced but well-connected Lingner over a real professional, but it really doesn't in this county.

There's so much favoritism around here that another example of it hardly gets on anybody's radar screen — especially concerning an agency that nobody in power cares about because it services poor people.
Mary Schneider, Phoenix

Lingner knows whose bell to ring: Where does Sarah Fenske get off claiming Doug Lingner is "totally unqualified" for the public housing job? How does she know who's qualified and who's not?

Doug was a Phoenix city councilman who was a strong advocate for affordable housing. Who else would be better for the job than somebody who's politically connected? When things go wrong at the Housing Authority, he will know whose bell to ring.
Name withheld

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Wally Aiken
Wally Aiken

Until police and prosecutors face real consequences for the unethical actions-and I mean serious prison time--these types of injustices will continue to occur in our society. Although they seem to be correct faster and with apology in other states. AZ, powers that be do not admit it when they are wrong.


Isnt it scary that with just one persons accusation, and entire town can revert bak to Salem and a fair trail can trun into a withc hunt? And Thomas is complaining about the judge in the Stapley case because 'it isnt fair???"" touche'

Jim Cozzolino
Jim Cozzolino

Well, get ready folks...We have 4 more years of corruption to deal with at the hands of Arpaio and Thomas.

Maricopa County Voters that voted for these 2 assholes have got to be the dumbest people walking the face of the earth.

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