This plumed penman also knows that the letters of the mayor to Mukasey and that of the Latino Caucus, were each cc'd to U.S. Attorney Humetewa, contrary to Allen's statements on Horizonte.

Allen also stated that a "review" of the MCSO-ICE agreement was complete, but he did not know when it would be released. Considering Allen's obliviousness to the MCSO's violations of the law, The Bird wonders why ICE even bothered.

Bottom line, if the MCSO is in violation of federal law and the U.S. Constitution, then Allen and ICE are aiding and abetting. Allen is an accessory to Arpaio's unconstitutional shenanigans. All so ICE can collar otherwise law-abiding residents, who are, at best, guilty of the civil offense of being present in the U.S. without papers.

Jason Odhner (left) as Arpaio fan Buffalo Rick Galeener and John Norris as Sheriff Joe the horse's keister.
Stephen Lemons
Jason Odhner (left) as Arpaio fan Buffalo Rick Galeener and John Norris as Sheriff Joe the horse's keister.


As this column goes to press before election results start coming in, The Bird's still holding onto a thin strand of hope that Democrat Dan Saban will become Maricopa County's newly elected sheriff. If the good Lord has seen fit to bless us in this manner, then feel free to skip over this item.

That's 'cause this segment has to do with the outrageous revelation, first outed by The Bird's blogging blood brother, Feathered Bastard, that former U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini, an Arizona Democrat and Barack Obama supporter, had endorsed Joe Arpaio in robo-calls and in a letter to Republicans and Independents.

Why did the three-term senator, who was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention this year for Obama, turn coat in an election many in Maricopa County saw as more important even than the race for prez (especially as it influences us all more directly)?

"I've known him for 25 years," DeConcini, 71, explained via phone from La Jolla, California, where he has a home (he has another in Tucson). "I worked with him for years on drug enforcement . . . So I've known him for a long time, and, you know, he's a friend and a very professional cop."

"Professional cop"?! Has the D-man been smoking the wacky weed over there in Cali? Or has he finally succumbed to hardening of the arteries?

Sure, DeCon's one of the original DiNOs (Democrats in Name Only). His recent political memoir was titled Senator Dennis De­Concini: From the Center of the Aisle. In it, he revealed that he voted for Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter back in 1980.

But when pressed on his support of our corrupt top constable, DeConcini was forced to concede that he knew nada of Joe past Arpaio's days as a DEA agent or the first few years of his sheriff-dom. For instance, DeConcini was ignorant of the recent Robert Cotton snuff film that was executive-produced by the MCSO, and broadcast by local and national outlets. (Cotton was beaten to death by a member of the Aryan Brotherhood in the Fourth Avenue Jail while jail guards were nowhere to be seen for 19 minutes.)

Nor was DeConcini aware of the $43 million in lawsuit payouts because of the inadequacy of Joe's jails. He didn't know federal Judge Neil Wake had recently ruled against the MCSO, ordering it to comply with constitutional standards for inmates. And he was in the dark concerning the national healthcare accreditation that recently had been ripped from Joe's gulags.

DeCon seemed concerned about these revelations but remained supportive of his old pal.

"My knowledge is based on what I know and the experience of Joe Arpaio," stated DeCon. "Not anything current or any of his present policies."

Actually, this avian thinks DeConcini's support of Arpaio may have more to do with the D-man's hatred of John McCain, who back in the '80s shared ignominy with the Democrat as a member of the Keating Five. Both DeCon and McCain had taken money from S&L kingpin Charles Keating. But even though McCain had taken more and was closer to Keating in many respects, he tried to turn the blame on Dennis and the other Dems, McCain being the only GOP-er in the bunch. That's the way DeConcini recalled it in his memoir.

Arpaio also has a longstanding feud with McCain, as McCain endorsed Dan Saban back in 2004 when Saban was running against Joe in the Republican primary. (Saban switched to the Dems to run against Joe this year in the general election.)

This enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend approach to politics may be fine for a rich-ass former U.S. senator with homes in LaJolla and Tucson. But for those of us not so insulated from the scary realities of living under Joe's increasingly tyrannical thumb, the stakes are much higher.

DeCon did have a consolation prize for his fellow Sand Land Dems, his county attorney pick.

"I'm supporting Ben [sic] Nelson," said DeConcini, flubbing county attorney hopeful Tim Nelson's first name. "Matter of fact, Nelson called me and asked me if I'd endorse him in a letter to the same people [as the Arpaio letter]. I said sure."

Gee, thanks, Senator! But do all of us here in the big city a favor: Try reading our local papers occasionally, and get some counseling for your McCain fixation. Either that or keep your trap shut next time you want to verbally fellate Nickel Bag Joe.

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love the picture!!1 hay what a resemblence!!!! wow you guys crack me up!!!!!!!

Joshua Peters
Joshua Peters

Matthew Allen is the American government's version of Adolf Eichmann -- a conscienceless bureaucrat whose sole goal is the removal of an entire people from the area in his control. Look at ICE's recent numbers. 72,955 deported in the last year, according to the Republic. Think of that as 72,955 families ripped apart, children left without one or both of their parents. How Allen and the others who aid him at ICE sleep at night is beyond me.

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