Sniff. This truculent tweeter has to admit he's gonna miss ol' Joe, whether he croaks of natural causes in office, is indicted for his misdeeds and resigns in disgrace, or is finally voted (one day) out of office.

Not since Tricky Dick Nixon have people (at least locally) had so much fun lampooning a political figure. Take the recent Halloween/Day of the Dead Bash held over at the PUEBLO Center for Legal and Human Rights ( PUEBLO is the org that was responsible for the infamous Cinco de Mayo Arpaio-piñata bash, where folks whacked candy-filled effigies of our loony lawman.

Jason Odhner (left) as Arpaio fan Buffalo Rick Galeener and John Norris as Sheriff Joe the horse's keister.
Stephen Lemons
Jason Odhner (left) as Arpaio fan Buffalo Rick Galeener and John Norris as Sheriff Joe the horse's keister.

PUEBLO's par-tay was a doggone hoot. It featured a jail-themed haunted house with green bologna sandwiches raining from the ceiling, a sheriff's deputy checking your papers, a pregnant mom who lost her baby because of inadequate medical care, and a child weeping for her deported parents.

You know, just like real life.

Attendees to the costume party portion of the event came dressed as versions of Joe, Joe supporters, or anything in keeping with the theme. Activist Chris Fleischman came as "Chicken Joe," in a yellow chicken outfit with an Arpaio head — because Arpaio famously wimped out of debating Dan Saban. Margarito Blancas showed up as "Arpayaso," a play on the Spanish word payaso, meaning "clown." In other words, he had his Bozo suit on.

Pro-immigrant demonstrator Jason Odhner was done up as Arpaio supporter and alleged public urinator Buffalo Rick Galeener, complete with a bottle of pee and a patch on his jacket which read, "Riders Against Brown Folks." (Galeener's a member of United for a Sovereign America and the anti-brown bike club Riders U.S.A.) And guitar-strumming activist John Norris came as Arpaio the horse's ass, with papier-mâché hindquarters covering his face.

Just imagine there's no Joe in power to make fun of and rail against. Sure, this country would be a better, more humane place, but would we have half as much fun lambasting a Sheriff Saban? Nah, he'd be too much of a Dudley Do-Right.

Why, without Joe in office, we all might as well live in some civilized place by comparison, like Los Angeles, Chicago, or Caracas, Venezuela.

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love the picture!!1 hay what a resemblence!!!! wow you guys crack me up!!!!!!!

Joshua Peters
Joshua Peters

Matthew Allen is the American government's version of Adolf Eichmann -- a conscienceless bureaucrat whose sole goal is the removal of an entire people from the area in his control. Look at ICE's recent numbers. 72,955 deported in the last year, according to the Republic. Think of that as 72,955 families ripped apart, children left without one or both of their parents. How Allen and the others who aid him at ICE sleep at night is beyond me.

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