It's no wonder that Scholder is primarily known for his paintings. While Larsen gets points for including the artist's other media, Scholder's sculpture doesn't hold up. Painted Man is a small bronze sculpture almost two feet tall. It's a male figure, slumped in mid-step. He's covered in panels of white, pink, green, red, and purple. The paint looks quickly applied and doesn't bring too much to the figure. But such works are important to include because they provide a more comprehensive look at the man's career.

Last Indian with Flag by Fritz Scholder
courtesy of Larsen Gallery
Last Indian with Flag by Fritz Scholder


"Fritz Scholder: Renaissance Man" is showing through January 31. Call 480-941-0900 or visit »web link.
Larsen Gallery, 3705 North Bishop Lane in Scottsdale

After visiting Larsen Gallery, I'm thinking it might be time to book a flight to see my big brother in D.C.; I got a taste of this artist, but I could use the whole meal.

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