The Jason Rose Connection

Kevin Bacon, move over! Jason Rose — the big-haired, bigger-mouthed, Republican 30-something king of AZ P.R. — is really the one with the connections. He's represented everyone from Andrew Thomas to Ballet Arizona, and his favorite parlor trick is getting his clients to pimp one another. (Who can forget Joe Arpaio shilling for Pink Taco and Mitt Romney?) A minutes-long New Times team investigation reveals Rose's ties to Hunter S. Thompson, Richard M. Nixon, Wonder Woman, and even Barack Obama. Click here to view the fullsize chart.

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Idiot Bastard Son
Idiot Bastard Son

Hmmmm, six degrees of separation applied to Jason Rose. This means that somehow the our good friends at the New Times are connected. Very interesting!


I looked at this diagram and realize that I'm also connected to Jason Rose via several of the people listed. Are you going to produce a follow up chart where folks like me can add our names?

PS - I had no idea who Jason Rose was.

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