Arugula was just the thing that the Rancher sandwich needed, too, as a foil for thick slices of beef with blue cheese and caramelized onions. Too bad somebody was stingy in the kitchen — there was very little green to be found on it. On the upside, the pressed bread was perfectly hot and crispy, a joy to sink my teeth into. Meanwhile, the Maiden Lane sandwich wasn't pressed, but the bread was just as good, a fresh, soft, golden roll. Horseradish aioli kept the rich fillings (roast turkey, Brie, cranberries, and red cabbage slaw) from being cloying.

A bonus with the sandwiches was the choice of side dishes, including roasted green beans, a nice homemade coleslaw with julienned carrots and green apple, and corn-tomato-kidney bean salad. Best of all was the roasted sweet potato salad with cranberries and pecans.

The dessert selection did vary day by day, but it was always comforting, from moist, thick brownies to enormous Rice Krispies treats that were just the right consistency. The chocolate chip cookies were awesome — crispy, but still soft and melty inside — and even the homemade granola bars, packed with oats, slivered almonds, sunflower seed, cranberries, and pecans, were buttery and sweet, more candy than health food.

Sweet land of Liberty: Joe Johnston opens another happening restaurant in Gilbert.
Jackie Mercandetti
Sweet land of Liberty: Joe Johnston opens another happening restaurant in Gilbert.

Location Info


Liberty Market

230 N. Gilbert Road
Gilbert, AZ 85234

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Gilbert


Maiden Lane sandwich: $8
White pizza: $11
Hollywood Cobb: $10
Griddled bread pudding: $8
480-892-2900, »Web link
Hours: Daily, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Liberty Market, 230 North Gilbert Road, Gilbert

Joe Johnston is one of the Valley's most distinctive tastemakers, a savvy businessman with a unique, stylish point of view. And Liberty Market makes it clear that he's got tremendous pride in his hometown of Gilbert.

I hope the feeling's mutual.

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Everything is good here including the overall ambiance but no one makes a better macchiato...the real thing! And, Liberty Market lovers-you'll be happy to hear you will soon be able to take your lattes across the street for an art experience-coming soon! November 12th Art Intersection will be opening their doors. Workshops, exhibitions, art related events! Another reason to come down to the Heritage District in Gilbert.


This format works fine for a lunch spot. For dinner? Not so good. The place was crowded, which is a good sign. We had to wait a bit for a table, but one opened up relatively quick. We didn't wait too long for our meals, which as I alluded to were on a dinner scale for quality. I ordered a glass of wine with dinner, which finally showed up after we were finished eating. Because there were people waiting for tables, I didn't feel like I could leisurely enjoy my wine, so I finished it pretty quick and left. We won't return for dinner, but maybe lunch.