Olmsted's hypocrisy and sin: If the Catholic Church would've spoken out against Arpaio's raids and abuses, he would not have gotten 55 percent of the vote in the election. Because of Olmsted's hypocrisy and sin (yes, sin), his own people suffer and innocent children are without parents.

For me, it's official: I no longer call myself a Catholic. This bishop has even had a photo op with Arpaio at Tent City, of all places.

Bishop Olmsted believes gay marriage is a bigger problem than more than 70,000 children without parents. The victims of Arpaio's raids and sweeps are mostly Catholic.
Dennis Gilman, Scottsdale

Troubled society: Thanks for the courage to speak the truth. Children torn away from loving parents is one of Arizona's hidden tragedies. It transcends "immigration" and says more about what we are as a people.
Name withheld


The Lord doesn't even care, Ann: As usual, The Bird's railing against somebody who's upholding the law ("Mr. Disingenuous," November 6). I'm glad [ICE's] Matthew Allen is standing behind Sheriff Joe Arpaio on ridding this state of illegal aliens. As far as I'm concerned, both are on the side of the Lord in this. If it takes a little spin control for Allen to get by with his superiors in Washington, so be it.
Ann Spencer, Phoenix

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Olmsted you are one scum bag bishop to send a known PERVERT David Ostler to Prince of Peace church in Sun City West,Az.


Another (self-labeled) Christian speaks out regarding immigration. I am referring to A. Spencer's letter. She like many sadly claims to know personally that The Creator of All approves of the good job the local cops are doing breaking up homes and families, abusing and deporting people. One of the reasons this is so sad is because this had been going on since history has been documented. The masses used to be kept in submission by force and need. Now power relies on the ignorance and self-justified indifference of petty fearful people like Ann. Read some history madam and learn a bit about right and wrong. Start with the Bible maybe. Forgive me but I�m guessing you aren�t very familiar with it. Maybe then you�ll learn not to get so caught up in mans law that you lose sight of God�s. That�s mentioned a few times in there as well as a lot of other good stuff most people singing that same sad song obviously know nothing about. Skip church this week and read God�s word for yourself Ann. Not just the parts you like.

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