My angle is, 200 million people saw cops unmercifully beat Rodney King, who wasn't resisting, and the cops stated that they followed departmental guidelines.

If a group of citizens had taken a cop and beaten him to death in a manner similar to the Juan Mendoza Farias incident, do you think they could get off with saying they followed guidelines? Heads would roll, and I mean everyone's even remotely involved.

You could expect all involved to be executed. Also, justice would be much swifter. There would be no claims of defective cameras, and no redacted records.

I recently watched the Clint Eastwood movie Magnum Force. In one scene, the execution squad cornered Harry in a parking garage. The first comment was, "Do you know how hard it is to prosecute a cop?"

Thanks for the great articles, and keep up the pressure on Joke Arpaio.
Name withheld

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arron, it is not pro illegals, it is about humanity.people apperantly want to get rid of them because "they cost us money" well read the Goldwater Institute report how ineffective joker is and what is it costing us. And then decide why he is doing it. He is a bully. power hungry, . go to and read the goldwater report a non biased group most people dont even know this is going on. as far as joker 'only one doing anything" that is straight from the lips of his lying mouth and most repeat the stupid things he says. It is not his job, what he is suppose to be doing he is not. Can ytou ignore your job discription?

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