Give Swank a Chance

Don’t expect bedazzled dancing chubby girls at CeZar

"Swank" is one of those smarmy words like "posh" or "smooth" or, well, "smarmy." Originating from the German word "sway" and the Dutch word "supple," it aspires to have the dazzle of a diamond, but is tacky like a rhinestone. We picture a dancing chubby girl with her bedazzled name scrawled across a jiggling ass. Sigh.

But it’s time to give "swank" another chance, because Hotel Scottsdale's CeZar is redefining the word with its monthly Swank event. Turtle Productions and DMTV present a stellar club night featuring music by LuJuan and DJ Marc Anthony and drink specials by Tommy Bahama. At this rate, “swank” might soon become synonymous with “class.”

Sat., Dec. 20, 9 p.m., 2008
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