They're a real band, too: The Minibosses play some Rock Band.
Jonathan McNamara
They're a real band, too: The Minibosses play some Rock Band.

For some reason — and none of the Minibosses, or me, is quite sure why — these old games, and their music, are universally beloved. Possibly it's the '80s obsession we've been living through in recent years: Maybe chiptunes came in with skinny jeans and stunna shades. I think it's probably more than that. I mean, put in proper perspective, it's not an exaggeration to say the Mario Bros. games are a cultural treasure on par with the Beatles catalog. With a legacy on that level, maybe we can say, imitators are inevitable.

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hahaha not as angry
hahaha not as angry

hahahah, well, i'm not as angry as that person...i agree it was definitely a fluff piece, but it's nice to give any attention to the good arizona bands, like the minibosses. also, this would have served as a much better cover story than last week's article on the medic droid, which was pretty uninteresting, way too long, AND somehow they already broke up.


what the fuck?

most musicians are not snobs who "quietly disdain" really fun video games. weak attempt at a gripping introduction.

also, i don't read my weekly alternative magazine in order to read an article that spends an unhealthy chunk of time talking about what other magazines/webzines thought about crystal castles.

with all the amazing shows that happened in phoenix last week and all the amazing shows coming up, i don't know why the music editor of the new times felt the need to randomly write a fluff piece on nintendo bands. many of whom i am really into, incidentally.

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