Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, December 18, 2008


A PR nightmare to off aged killer: I agree that it would be a PR nightmare for a state that's already known for its cruelty (via Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas) to execute the oldest death row inmate in the nation("Between the Devil and the D.O.C.," Paul Rubin, December 4).

What good could come of it at this point, since he won't live much longer anyway (Viva Leroy Nash, not Arpaio)? It's almost worse that he has to live with the evil that he's done as he waits for death.
Gretta Smith, Phoenix

A spine-chilling yarn, for sure: Leroy Nash's a cold-blooded killer who deserves capital punishment at any age. Why's there even a dilemma about this after all the evil this man has done?

The way he killed that poor young guy [Greg West] was heartless. He didn't even need to kill him. He shot him before West even went for a gun behind the counter. Then, to act like he's sorry about what he did. He's not sorry. He's a rattlesnake.

And poor Susan McCullough, after going through that, nobody would ever be the same in this lifetime. You would always be looking over your shoulder for the next Leroy Nash. And she's right that, even if he's 100, Nash would hurt somebody if they were to let him out of prison.

Your story sent chills up and down my spine.
Martin Tillman, Phoenix

A fate worse than death?: My heart goes out to Susan McCullough. It's almost worse for her than poor Greg West. To be still alive and haunted by that tragic day would be the worst kind of torture. Your description of the scene in the coin shop on the day Greg died made me sick to my stomach.

Mary Ann O'Malley, address withheld

Legal system failed so many: A psychopath, whether 23 or 93, is still a psychopath. What a shame, but hardly surprising, that the Arizona legal system failed so many victims in this case by failing to ensure justice.
Name withheld

Execute Nash already: The state can bring closure to this: Execute infamous British prisoner Charles Bronson's "hero." Then send Mr. Bronson a picture, letting him know that whether they gassed him, injected him, or fried him, they did indeed kill the man. And rightfully so.
Name withheld


Are Mormons just easy targets?: Your obvious bigotry against Mormons exposes you as a hypocrite ("Harvey Knew Best," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, December 4).

Why do you specifically mention only the Mormon Church and not the dozens of other churches that actively campaigned in favor of Prop 8 [in California]? Is it because it's still acceptable to be openly hostile to Mormons?

Anti-same-sex-marriage laws had passed in 30 other states before Prop 8, and the Mormon Church had not gotten involved in any of those. We are just an easy target.

I will say that I'm a Mormon who voted against [Arizona's] Prop 102, but I'm really saddened by the gay community's display of closed-minded bigotry against my religion. They're hypocrites, as are you, on this issue.
Chad Snow, Peoria

Ban 'em all!: Ban the bigots, be they gay or not!
Dick Ryder, Sunnyslope

Mormonism is an anti-gay religion: It's not bigoted to point out that the Mormon Church was behind [Prop 102]. It's an anti-gay religion, just like Catholicism. And the Catholics wanted Prop 102 passed, too.

I do agree that Janet Napolitano's a hypocrite. She's not as bad as J. Edgar Hoover, a gay man who persecuted gays. But it's a similar scenario.

John MacDowell, Surprise

Yes, be more gay: [Stephen Lemons] is nutz! So Nap-zilla should be more gay in an anti-gay state ("Benedict Napolitano," The Bird, December 4)? Can I have a hit off that bong? Must be some funky skunk weed in that pipe.
Richard Hertz, Tuba City

Shut up, both sides!: Who gives a flying fuck whether you're gay or straight, or whatever the hell you do in your bedroom?! Stop parading, stop bitching, stop whining, and just get on with your lives. Keep your sexual preferences to yourselves.

If you believe a certain sexual orientation is wrong or right, it's your opinion or belief, and that's fine. Stop fucking announcing it all over the place. Shut up, both sides! Quit throwing it in my face!
Name withheld


Hamstrung by the kookoocracy: Michael, I love you, but you're wrong about Janet ("Nope," Michael Lacey, November 27). She's tried very hard to help education, to help healthcare, and to help diversify the economy. There's very little she can do given the total kookoocracy (writer Jon Talton's phrase) that's the Arizona Legislature.

As far as immigration policy's concerned, Napolitano got conflicting input: The border towns felt overwhelmed by crime from illegal immigration while the urbanistas relied on it.

And Arpaio's unstoppable because he's completely beyond the law.

Do I think Arizona's a great state to live in? Are you kidding? I gave it my life, and it gives back nothing. But you can't blame that on Janet.
Francine Hardaway, Phoenix

Arpaio controls the state's destiny: Arizona, the land of corporate interests over families, photo radar statewide, Tasers, power abuses, Joe Arpaio.

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