It's out-of-control Arpaio who truly controls the state's destiny, with his bride County Attorney Thomas enabling him, along with the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

Illegal immigration is just the election label of the corruption that's taking place.

Ignorant voters will now pay dearly the millions of dollars these inept officials have cost them, as these officials continue to have total disregard for humanity and Arizona's future.
Name withheld

Napolitano can't play with the big boys: The picture is right on. I don't think Janet Napolitano belongs with the big boys. She hasn't filled her big-girl panties yet. What has she done for this state? Someone please make a list. I'm still scratching my head.

The United States has enough problems without giving her a job in Washington to screw things up. She couldn't balance the state's budget, so why give her bigger authority?

Name withheld

Nappy has no business going to D.C.: Shame on Napolitano for turning her back when justice could've been served on the sheriff, before more bloodshed in the jails. Shame on her for turning her back on the women in the Mormon towns.

What has she done for Arizona? Where is all the money? One of the fastest-growing states in the nation, all the building permits, new tax money, sales tax revenue, the [Arizona Cardinals'] football stadium, the huge number of people who moved here? Arizona's gotten the income from this, and now it's broke?

And all she can do is [install lots more photo-radar cameras and] give everyone speeding tickets to make up the deficit.

Seems like the only thing she does is feather her own nest. She needs to cut her salary and draw unemployment. When you can't take care of your own backyard, you have no business going to Washington.
Name withheld


Karpin in California? He'd be done: Having been a sole practitioner for 32 years, I can appreciate the plight of this wretch's "clients" ("Dr. Buzzard," January 27, 2005; see also New Times' Valley Fever blog post "Onetime Divorce Mediator Gary Karpin Sent to Prison 'Til He's 70," November 21, both by Paul Rubin).

Unfortunately, the Arizona Bar is a totally screwed-up organization. If this rotten SOB had tried that crap in California, he would've been stopped in a few months.
Robert Lynch, via the Internet

Thanks for exposing Dr. Buzzard: It's really sad. I felt for his poor crying children, who stated to the judge what a "great provider" their dad was. How loving, how the little sister once wanted a violin and how her dad, Gary Karpin, got it for her, and lessons, to boot.

My children wanted things, too, but I couldn't give them anything for quite some time after giving this man my savings and receiving nothing in return. I'm sure his children are innocent, but so are my children. So am I. Poor, poor Gary!

Many thanks to Paul Rubin, who covered and uncovered this "Buzzard" with proficiency and professionalism. I'm a great fan of New Times.
Clissy Landreaux, via the Internet

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