In part, the jury will be asked to try to determine whether Doug Grant administered the drug himself as part of a murder plot, or whether Faylene intentionally or otherwise took the Ambien before falling asleep in the tub as her husband slept in the adjacent master bedroom.

That determination promises to be no easy matter. Even the county Medical Examiner's Office couldn't choose among those options, ruling in February 2002 that Faylene's manner of death was "undetermined," an opinion rendered by Dr. Arch Mosley months after the tragedy.

Though the Grant prosecution seemed to take a hit with many of White's statements, Martinez did make points near the end of his first day of testimony.

Faylene Grant, before she fell from a cliff in Utah during her second honeymoon.
Faylene Grant, before she fell from a cliff in Utah during her second honeymoon.

White testified that Grant had called him (not 911) on the morning after the house call, frantically advising that Faylene had "overdosed" and was in bad shape inside the couple's home.

The prosecutor then played the 911 call from White in which the physician assistant anxiously told the operator that Grant apparently hadn't called 911 because Grant told him he was "afraid" to.

White told the jury he didn't know why Grant would have said that but speculated "he had gone against some of my orders [not to immediately fill the Ambien scrip]. I don't know . . ."

The day ended with White about to tell jurors what happened after he arrived at the Grant residence on the morning of September 27, 2001.

The Grant trial is expected to last until March.

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I was a juror that convicted Doug Grant; as after reading Paul Rubin�s article, �Hate For Doug Grant: Despite Scant Evidence That Grant Killed His Wife, the Jury Convicted Him Anyhow� I found it to be very uninformative with the deliberation process in how the jury concluded its verdict. As there were many emotional women on the jury panel, I do believe their opinions and feelings of Doug Grant played a role in the manner of murder which Doug Grant would be charger, yet Doug Grant was found guilty for manslaughter based on "RECKLESSNESS" in not aiding to Fayleen�s care the morning that she was found unresponsive (not dead) in the bathtub. Let me elaborate a little, Doug Grant never called 911 that morning, Doug Grant attempted to perform CPR on a bed (information provided by the defense counsel), Doug Grant called Chad White once finding Fayleen in the tub following with Chad White's call to 911 stating, "I believe that he (Doug Grant) wasn�t going to call 911... he�s (Doug Grant) said that�s he�s afraid and not sure why he would say something like that." Having said this, it was enough reason for me to find Doug Grant guilty for manslaughter under the terms of �RECKLESSNESS.�

***Final Vote (6 for first degree, 4 for second degree, 2 for manslaughter)



There was some rumor that the defense had found record of Doug's call to 911 from Faylene's cell phone. Is there an update to this story?

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