Star Trek

The good news? It’s too cold for creepy-crawlers.

We have some pretty sick fantasies, but none ever centered on staring at the night sky through a telescope, especially when it’s freezing out. Undaunted hat- and scarf-wearers and general-punishment gluttons can rendezvous at the secluded Estrella Mountain Regional Park on Friday, December 26, for the Dark Sky Telescope Hike, a 3.7-mile jaunt up the Toothaker Trail that ends at arguably the best place in the Valley to see stars and constellations, nebulae, and planets swirling around you. The trek is led by astronomy guide Steve Dermer, who’ll explain the science behind the beautiful, sparkling mess. One wee bit of good news for us nature wimps: Park Ranger Patricia Armstrong tells New Times it’s “too cold for scorpions and snakes.” Goody.
Fri., Dec. 26, 6-8:30 p.m., 2008
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