Where: Club Central is at 3121 North Third Avenue. Go west on Thomas and north on Third, a 10-minute walk.

Drink: Tap That Ass, a heady drink consisting of Hennessy, cranberry, and Alizé, $8

Danny Hellman

Location Info


Los Dos Molinos

1010 E. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Category: Restaurant > Mexican

Region: Central Phoenix

Scene: A two-story nightclub with two bars, tables for dining, a dance floor, a stage, and a space for karaoke. Proprietor/barkeep Wilford is a nice fella who chatted us up for a couple of hours as we sucked down his powerful concoctions. "They do the job," Wilford said. Amen, brother. — J.B.


Where: Alexi's Grill, a five-minute walk north of the station

Drink: Crown Royal with a splash of ginger ale, $6.50

Scene: Alexi's sure smells good. Too bad we aren't there to eat. The bar, which is separated from the restaurant, isn't bad but is, perhaps, slightly over-lit. Alexi's seems like the kind of place where traveling businessfolk hunker down for a cocktail after saying a long-distance goodnight to their spouse and kiddies. — J.B.

Central/Indian School

Where: George & Dragon, a five-minute walk north from the station

Drink: Tetley's ale, $4.75

Scene: A favorite among some New Times employees, G&D was destined for a spot along the light rail, as it's a natural for any kind of pub crawl. You can't go wrong with this drinkery: occasional live bands, pool tables, soccer on the tube, and a signed photo of Joe Strummer behind the bar. — J.B.


Where: Maizie's Cafe & Bistro, a 10- to 12-minute walk north of the station

Drink: De Bortoli Chardonnay (Australia, 2007), $7.50.

Scene: This place is packed with an equal mix of yuppies and post-college 20-somethings. It was good to see, given that Maizie's (open only since May 2008) isn't really within walking distance of a significant residential area. We like that this place exudes a vibrant, open, modern feel without trying too hard to be hip. — J.B.


Where: Applebee's, a three-minute walk from the stop

Drink: Applebee's Main Street 'Ritas (in strawberry, mango, or wildberries flavors), $3.40 before 7 p.m., or $7 after 7 p.m.

Scene: Applebee's is the only bar within walking distance, but there are plenty of cool local businesses in the area. Red Hot Robot on Camelback, Practical Arts on Central, Stinkweeds Records, and Halo piercing shop are all clustered on the intersection. — N.D.

Seventh Ave./Camelback

Where: Charlie's, 727 W. Camelback Road, a minute walk from the stop

Drink: $3 beer pitchers from 2 to 7 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays with $1 happy hour drinks from 7 to 9 p.m.

Scene: Charlie's, in the middle of what's known as "the gay corridor," is a country-themed gay bar, so expect to see lots of dudes of all ages (but mostly guys in their 30s and 40s) in cowboy shirts and hats. —N.D.

19th Ave./Camelback

Where: Four Kings Cocktail Lounge, a two-minute walk down 19th Avenue from the stop

Drink: Rum and Coke, $2.75.

Scene: The lounge tends to get a lot of retirees during the day, with a younger crowd at night. The club can be selective about who gets in the door. It discourages attire like hoodies and beat-up tennis shoes. —N.D.

19th Ave./Montebello

Where: Oz, a five-minute walk from the stop, on Bethany Home Road

Drink: Rolling Rock, $4.50

Scene: This stop is across from Christown Spectrum Mall, so expect to see lots of fellow transit commuters, families, and holiday shoppers when you first get off the rail. At Oz — best described as a borderline-dive gay bar — expect to see lots of good-looking gay men, drag queens, and the friendly face of Booker the bartender, who's known to pour stiff drinks and crack loose jokes. After all you've been through, relax and enjoy it. — N.D.

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What jackass organized the pub crawl in Ardmore!? It was a train WRECK, he not only tried to molest my friends but also their dinners. He got escorted out of the pub only after ripping the paper dispenser off the wall in the mens bathroom and making it fucking snow in there. He also paraded around and on the bar yelling "do u know who I am!?" While the owner was apologizing to us about to rediculousness involved, our friend found himself presenting himself on the bar for the third time that night. He also amused himself by blowing a train whistle. Constantly. Into people's faces. I've never wanted to punch someone so badly in the face, even with a police station across the street!


Applebee's is NOT the only bar within walking distance of the Central/Camelback lightrail stop. You never even mentioned Four Kings Central at 24 west Camelback, which is a shorter walk from that stop than Applebee's.I don't even know how you could have missed it, unless maybe you had a few too many at the other stops. Should have done your homework before you started drinking maybe? Maybe you could do an article how many businesses went under or are hanging by a thread , due to the lightrail and it's preceding construction.

Sonja Lockhart
Sonja Lockhart

You missed one of the best brew pubs in Phoenix at the Central & Camelback stop on the light rail system ... Sonora Brewing Company. Its located at 3rd Street & Camelback. All the beers on tap are brewed right there on the premises and I would recommend the Cream Light Rail Ale. For those who prefer more hops try the IPA. Great food too with a very comfortable atmosphere.


I'm one of the younger people that go to the 4 Kings on the weekends. I don't get the whole not liking hoodies and beat up sneakers? Is this sarcasm, cause that's all you see in that place. Lovin it though the 4 Kings is awesome if you like dives with creepy old men!


Too bad you'll have to drink and leave to catch your train just as all the rest are showing up to get their drink on. The Metro is a joke.

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