Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, December 25, 2008


Watch out for ass-missiles, Bird: I'd hate to be The Bird after coming out in favor of graffiti art ("Good Graffiti," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, December 11). The beaker's proposing too high a concept for the peckerwoods in P-town. Get it, Bird, all graffiti's bad! And you better not ever fucking forget it!

Phoenicians (I used to be one) will argue that, even if a business owner asks an artist to paint graffiti art on his wall, he hasn't the right to do so. Because, see Bird, the good folks of Phoenix shouldn't have to even look at graffiti on a wall they don't own if they should happen to venture by it (as if any of the complainers would dare go south of Jefferson, where the building you mention is located).

You're sure to get mail calling you a criminal for even suggesting that there's artistically redeeming graffiti art. And your mention that you used to see some great graffiti art in Los Angeles will really set Phoenix tempers aflame. Most of graffiti-haters in Phoenix have never even been to L.A., but they still consider it the pit of hell.

So look out, Bird, the missiles are about to start coming out of the asses of the small-minded residents of Phoenix.
Rich Benedict, Los Angeles

Porn is already legal, David: Is this Bird twit a supporter of complete lawlessness?! He's in favor of graffiti and taking a pickax to speed cameras ("Pickax Politics," December 11). And I'm guessing he's for legalized pot, prostitution, and porno.

What a creep. And I see from his past columns he's even pro-illegal alien ("Mr. Disingenuous," November 6). Is nothing sacred to this scofflaw? That New Times lets him get away with this is very disturbing.
David Baker, Mesa

Stop touting NYC and L.A.: I'm all for getting rid of speed cameras, but I must draw the line at The Bird's defense of graffiti, even if it's on the wall of a business that allows it. I shouldn't have to look at the shit!

And stop writing about how great Los Angeles and New York are. Shut the fuck up, or get out!
J.J. Keith, Phoenix

We've all been touched by graffiti: I think it's about time that graffiti artists in Arizona get more recognition for their work. Seems anytime citizens hear the word graffiti they think vandalism. That isn't the case.

The art form has been exploited by major corporations — such as McDonalds and Coca-Cola — since the '80s. Take a look at the clothes your kids are wearing, or look at the shows on Cartoon Network; they've all been touched by graffiti artists!

Keep up the good work and continue to give graffiti art a voice in the AZ.
Mike Amaya, Avondale

Promote and encourage graffiti: Graffiti is nothing more than self-expression, and these artists are a prime example. We as a city need to promote and encourage this type of artwork in Arizona, just as we've promoted the artwork presented on First Fridays.
Amanda O'Kieffe, Tempe


Who are Joe and Andy to attack Stapley?: As she usually does, Sarah Fenske got it right ("No Honor Among Thieves," December 11). Who are Joe Arpaio and his benefactor Andrew Thomas to be going after Don Stapley?! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Maricopa County's sheriff refuses to give up records — has for years — about his own commercial property holdings, and he has the nerve to go after somebody else. And nerve is just what he's got, because he thinks he's untouchable.

I hope to live to see the day that this lying hypocrite goes down. And I hope that Candy Andy winds up as his cellmate. Maybe somebody, someday will investigate this black mark on all Arizonans.
Tom Leroy, Sun City

Investigate these guys already: Before Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio start accusing others of financial malfeasance, a full and complete audit of the MCSO should occur, and that includes jail commissary funds. Anything else is unprecedented hypocrisy.
David Saint, Phoenix

They've made his family suffer: I've heard all the stories in the past and know all the players. I've called for years to have a full audit of the MCSO, including pink shorts funds, but nobody has the guts to do it, all because Board of Supervisors members are afraid of Joe.

Joe's attempted to destroy my family and me with all kinds of lies. Our son is on death row in Arizona for a crime that he didn't commit while the murderers that placed him at the scene all made plea agreements for second-degree murder with the sidekick of the sheriff, County Attorney Andrew Thomas ("Pastor's Son," The Bird, December 18).

The judge even stated in his minute entries that "justice was not done in Patrick Bearup's case."

Our church phones were tapped, and my family was under surveillance. A good use of taxpayer money? Our bank records were also looked at.

Was all this payback because I had the guts to run against Arpaio twice?

I hope and pray that someone comes in to investigate the Sheriff's Office, including Joe, Chief Deputy David Hendershott, and the many others who continue to cover up crimes within the MCSO.

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