Great Scot

Late Late Showman stands up

We all know and love (and slightly fear, even?) international rapscallion Craig Ferguson, he of Late Late Show, Drew Carey, and ex-punk-rock-alcoholic-hell-bent-on-U.S.-citizenship fame. But the Emmy-nominated Scotsman’s career is far more vast and eclectic than most realize. The same confessional, self-deprecating, oft-befuddled style that informs his chipper ’n’ cheeky nightly monologues has also served him well as a novelist, voice actor, screenwriter, and director (his 2003 dramedy I’ll Be There may have made the film-fest rounds, but it was the 2000 UK septuagenarian-stoner comedy Saving Grace that earned a Golden Globe nod and truly lit our fires).

The thick accents will fly hard and fast, and it will be a great day for America, everybody, when Ferguson takes the stage at Mesa Arts Center.

Oh, yeah, and feel free to conduct your own version of What Did We Learn on the Show Tonight, Craig? at will.

Sat., Jan. 10, 8 p.m., 2009
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