"I didn't know who she was at the time. It was right around the time Garden State came out," says Breen. "She liked my production on those Coppé records and I did the remix for her ("Say Goodnight and Go"). She came through here to do a concert, and I met her and realized how incredibly popular she was, outselling all these artists in the U.K. After Garden State, she released her third solo record and it got licensed to The O.C."

Around this time Chronic Future's deal with Interscope collapsed amid industry reshuffling. Everyone went back to working day jobs. Breen took a gig at Welcome Diner on Ninth Street and Roosevelt, where he worked for three years.

At the time, CF figured they could release an EP through MySpace and sell it through PayPal. They pressed 1,000 copies and sold them for $10 each. The band was still on everyone's radar from "Time and Time Again" and appearances on One Tree Hill and The Days, so they sold quickly.

Back Ted N-Ted: Robotic beats with plenty of heart.
Tim Harmon
Back Ted N-Ted: Robotic beats with plenty of heart.


Back Ted N-Ted is scheduled to perform on Tuesday, January 20, and Tuesday, January 27, at The Trunk Space.

Finding success with that model, Chronic Future's Ben Collins started his own label, Modern Art, which has since found success with Miniature Tigers and the recently split Medic Droid as well as Back Ted.

Now, the next step for Back Ted: Breen has to come up with new songs, and enough lyrics, to do an album.

"A full-length is really daunting," says Breen. "I'm working on one and I'm doing everything. And I'm trying to find the dedicated core band to tour around with next year. The guys I use, like Matt and Dagger Lawrence, are all in other bands, they don't have enough time to dedicate to this.

"I guess what I'm saying is, I'm trying to find some young excited kids that like dance music who will do it for cheap."

You hear that, kids? It's the sound of a door opening.

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"Dagger Lawrence" is my doppelganger. He is not to be trusted.

-Lawrence AKA Daggrr

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