You also had a lot of nerve writing that stuff about Myron Cope. Do you know that he was a writer for Sports Illustrated at one time? He was an intelligent man on the sport of football. So what that he talked funny? And, by the way, that is not hillbilly speech. A lot of his expressions came from the ethnic phrases of our area. We are not embarrassed by any of it.

Food for thought: Our president, Barack Obama was pulling for the Steelers. He doesn't live in a trailer park.
Donna S. Odom, Florence, South Carolina

Black lung is no joke: I enjoyed and smiled at your story "Talking (to) Trash" (sidebar to "Grow a Pair") until I read your comments about Ben Roethlisberger and his mother and about black-lung deaths. Not too funny and in pretty bad taste. I can't imagine what you were thinking. Don Imus has nothing on you.
Jim Meighan, Blairsville, Pennsylvania

Don't mistake passion for rudeness: You're so right that the Cards' fans needed to step it up. I definitely heard some noise out there from the AZ supporters (not sure how many were pro-Cards or just anti-Steelers). I think the media has a lot to do with picking up the fan base's enthusiasm, as well. Everybody likes an underdog, but you only get to be Cinderella once.

I'm glad to see the Cardinals doing well; I don't like to see any franchise be down every year. I love watching Larry Fitzgerald be awesome, just as he was back home in Pittsburgh, when he played for the Panthers.

Now, as for the Pittsburgh comments, there were some true statements there. But we're not hicks from the backwoods of Appalachia. Pittsburgh's one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

As for being the nastiest fans in the league? Please! Don't mistake passion and excitement for poor tempers and rudeness. Anyone who's ever been to any sporting event in Philly knows who the nastiest fans are, and those fans are proud of it. Just as proud as we are when we come in to any stadium in the league and take it over.

I understand wanting to get your fans excited for their team, but at least be honest. The Terrible Towel started as a way to get fans into the game, as a way to connect with the team. Now it's a flag that says, "Here I am, I'm a Steelers fan, I'm in your stadium and I'm cheering for my team. What are you going to do about it?"

And when the players on the field see 30,000 towels at an away game, they know it's going to feel just like a home game. Steeler Nation will chew you up and spit you out if your fans are like Cardinals fans.
Thomas Schloer, Steeler Nation, Texas division

Focus on the good fortune: I read your article comparing Cardinals fans to Steeler Nation, and I understand what you are trying to say, but I think you missed the main point. Steelers fans are not white trash and shouldn't be called that.

You shouldn't be making fun of Myron Cope. You should focus on what's wrong with your fan base. The best thing that ever happened to the Cardinals was when the Steelers passed on coaches Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm. Focus on the luck of getting two Steelers castoffs.
Mary Horvath, Pittsburgh

Go cry in your meth lab: You obviously have no clue what you're talking about. You say we're white trash? Then how come at every Super Bowl we've been in we completely outnumber the [other] side? It's not exactly cheap to go to a Super Bowl.

You're just jealous journalists who wish they had a team with fans like ours. And you lost! Go cry in your meth lab, which's what Arizona's famous for.
Jim Imhof, Pittsburgh

Grow up: Your attack on Steeler Nation was in poor taste. The nation derives its love for the team from a time when the Steelers were all Pittsburgh had left. The economic downturn that occurred in the steel industry happened at the same time the Steelers were winning their titles. The nation expanded out of western Pennsylvania at this time because most steel workers left the area looking for employment.

I'm not defending all Steelers fans, but I believe most teams in the NFL have fans that are disrespectful. I have attended games at several stadiums — Baltimore, Cleveland, Washington, Philadelphia, and Cincinnati, as well as Pittsburgh — and each has its share of fan-related issues.

Please grow up and offer an apology for your unreasonable, unfounded, and classless attack. Individuals like your writer are why several friends of mine moved back to Pittsburgh after spending a year in Arizona.

But congrats on your season.
William Ondriezek, Pittsburgh

Julie, you're not making us look good: Stuck pigs squealing! If you Steelers fans aren't the rednecks [the article and some Cardinals fans] say you are, then why not just shut the fuck up?! We all saw you at the Super Bowl with your fat bellies, your stupid towels, and your snaggle-toothed women. Right there in living color.

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