Hey, close your pie-holes, 'tards. You barely won that game! You wouldn't have if not for a bad call. I'd give it 50-50 that Kurt Warner could've completed a Hail Mary to Larry Fitzgerald or Anquan Boldin in the end zone if the ref wasn't queer for Big Ben. Ouch!
Julie Zimmer, Phoenix

More in defense of St. Cope: I have to admit that I found your article marginally humorous, though your description of Pittsburghers is rather tasteless and ignorant. As you stated, the author is a Browns fan, so I assume he's from the Cleveland area. So because he's familiar with the regular beatings his team's taken from the Pittsburgh Steelers, he should know more about the recently deceased person he disparages.

Yes, Myron Cope did have a voice even his mother would probably want to silence, but I would like to point out two of his accomplishments as a print journalist. In 1963, Mr. Cope was the awarded the E.P. Dutton Prize for "best magazine sports writing in the nation" for his portrayal of Cassius Clay. In 2004, his profile of Howard Cosell was selected as one of 50 all-time classic articles by Sports Illustrated.

Not everyone here lives in a trailer and works in a coal mine, though I am proud to say that my ancestors were coal miners and steel workers. I was lucky enough, through their hard work, to have the opportunity to do something better with my life.
Eric M. Chir, Pittsburgh

Cizmar is a stain on Phoenix: I'm disgusted by your poor attempt at humor and the complete denigration of a team, city, fans, and region. You displayed an unbelievable lack of awareness of anything about us. I had the pleasure of visiting Phoenix and found it to be wonderful place. Glad I didn't run into Martin Cizmar, as I'm sure my opinion of your fine city would be 180 degrees different.
Jerry Curtiss, Pittsburgh

We walk amongst yinz: Tell your folks and all of America that Steeler Nation's everywhere. The Steeler Nation's Phoenix crew will respond to all the trash talk. We walk amongst yinz.
Dominick Gambino, Pittsburgh

Some words from the eloquent Mr. Nitti: Pittsburgh Steelers fans are mild compared to Eagles fans. Bring your Cardinals to the City of Brotherly Love and watch your women get raped and your 10-year-old get pummeled for wearing an opponent's jerseys.

Ha, you people in Arizona must have sun-baked brains 'cause this is the real world, you pussies. It's smash-mouth football at its best. Go Steelers! Go dry up in the desert, Cardinals. What a bunch of ass-eaters.
Frank Nitti, Philadelphia

Yes, shocker: Who the hell do you think you are? Do you really think that this ignorant article pumped up your pathetic fan base? I'm a huge Steelers fan, and I have a college degree and a real job! Wow, shocker, right?
Brian Skokowski, Titusville, Pennsylvania

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