Khadr's family has other plans. His mother recently said the family dreams of starting a farm upon his return. They will raise animals, she says, "far away from the pressure of the media and the pressure of the community who are so confused about our life."

Back in Salt Lake City, Layne Morris isn't buying any of it. He points out that one of Khadr's sisters has publicly advocated jihad and a brother has admitted to smuggling weapons to Al-Qaeda and plotting to kill the Pakistani prime minister. Most recently, Khadr's family showed up at a Toronto courtroom to show solidarity for a terrorist cell accused of planning to use truck bombs to blow up buildings in the city's downtown.

"People have a short attention span, I guess," Morris says. "9/11 was what, seven years ago? And already we forget about what we lost. I'm not complaining. There's so many other guys who made greater sacrifices than I have. Christopher Speer had a wife and two very young children, and that speaks for itself.

Is Omar Khadr a radical Muslim terrorist?
courtesy of the Khadr family
Is Omar Khadr a radical Muslim terrorist?
Staff Sergeant Layne Morris and his Special Forces squad fought in one of the first battles of the War on Terror.
courtesy of Layne Morris
Staff Sergeant Layne Morris and his Special Forces squad fought in one of the first battles of the War on Terror.

"Omar Khadr? People say he's a confused kid, but he knew exactly what he was doing. The way I see it, he should stay in jail for as long as he remains a threat to America."

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Marnie Tunay
Marnie Tunay

I am surprised to hear you say that Dennis Edney is prepared to have Omar Khadr move in with him. My understanding from speaking with him in late October was that he had considered that option and decided it was not a workable one. It doesn't matter in any case, because Omar Khadr is never coming back to Canada: TunayFakirs Canadahttp://fakirscanada.googlepage...

Concerned Citizen and Taxpayer
Concerned Citizen and Taxpayer

It's interesting that this Guantanamo issue was missing from the New Times stands at Litchfield Park Library, and stands around Dysart and Litchfield Road, Sun City and at the Downtown Courthouse. This important issue is a must have. We believe that with the thousands of people coming in for the Anti-Arpaio march the stands were stripped. Not much different between Arpaio's jail and the the state prisons here and Guantanamo, with a culture steeped in what the world has seen in Abu Ghraib -- AZ Corrections officials set up / and ran Abu Ghraib during the abuse years. The Iraqis want nothing to do with the U.S. prisons - and taxpayers have wasted billions in these fiascos, of which Guantanamo is a part of. This has moved from Iraq and Guantanamo to Arizona and are racheting up for the next "war" against humanity on our soil. People wake up -- this is NOT the America we have known. Stop the madness and hatred and abuse of power.

Mike Wells
Mike Wells

See, I don't get this:They say this kid is guilty because 'he's the only one who could have thrown the grenade'...How do they know this? They say the fighting went on for an hour, but since the kid ws the only one alive, he's the "only" one who could have thrown a grenade an hour ago? SO he held the Special Forces guys off for an hour single-handedly?Secondly, why is it a crime to fight back in a wartime situation? So the guys weren't part of an organized military, neither were the French resistance fighters in WWII, did we bring them up on charges?Third, if these guys ARE criminals, why no actual charges? This game of semantics is ridiculous- 'He's-not-a-POW,-but he's-not-a-civilian-so-we-can-keep-him-forever-if-we-want'. We would expect anyone to do better with our captives, ciivilian or military, and we can't use the 'But they are meaner to our guys' excuse, we have always stirven to be above that, or we would have stuck our Vietnam prisoners in holes for months at a time, with watery rice for their only meals, torturing them on a daily basis.

It's about time the country grew up. I, for one, am glad that the new Administration is moving in this direction.

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