On Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Only Coast That Counts

 Not sure if this has been asked before, but how do you feel about Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio? I think the guy's a fucking racist who's just out to get Mexicans to fulfill his racist agenda.
Fuck Nickel-Bag Joe

I love Sheriff Joe! Yeah, he might be waging a scorched-earth campaign against Mexicans of all legal statuses, an effort so brutal it recently inspired a thousands-large march against him, but the man some call Arpayaso (payaso meaning "clown" in the tongue of Cervantes) is a wonderful tool for immigrants-rights activists because he exposes the easy hypocrisies of Know-Nothings. Arpayaso is a hero to them, earning book deals, a television show on the Fox News Channel and so much veneration you'd figure he was a living, lard-lad Lourdes. But these self-professed law-and-order types conveniently ignore the tens of millions of dollars in police-brutality and wrongful-death settlements won against the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office under Arpayaso, dismiss criticism from immigration officials for Arpayaso's abuse of 287(g) as Aztlanista guff, and wholeheartedly agreed with his decision to jail my mick bosses at New Times two years ago in a chilling effort to quash the First Amendment.

Who cares? All this is fine for the Know-Nothings as long as Arpayaso persecutes Mexicans. The same thing happened in the Mexican's home base of Orange County, California, where our felon of an ex-sheriff, Mike Carona, became a Know-Nothing hero after proposing that his agency become the first in the country to receive migra training — never mind that Carona had multiple mistresses, gave badges to political donors, and nicknamed his penis "The Little Sheriff." On that note, it's with a heavy corazón that I now anoint wherever Arpayaso's shadow lies as the Mexican-hating capital of America, supplanting my Orange County, which birthed the Minuteman Project, Mendez vs. Westminster, anti-immigrant propositions copied nationwide, and currently houses Taco Bell. Chinga tu madre, Arpayaso: we'll get that title back eventually . . .


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Over here in the East Coast (the only coast that counts), I've noticed that due to the recent slowdown in the economy, more and more of my Hispanic hermanos in the construction business have begun to lay off jodidos Mexicans and replaced them with their cheaper, non-union Guatemalan and Bolivian equivalent. Are my panas guilty of some sort of Hispanic-on-Latino discrimination, or are they just capitalistas puros by taking advantage of the free and unfettered flow of arriving illegal Maya and Aymara indios to increase their profit margin?
Cuban Pete

What do you think? Sure, the housing crash has affected construction workers — the Pew Hispanic Center's "Latino Labor Report" last year estimated Latinos lost nearly 250,000 jobs in the industry, with about 152,000 of those laid off being wabs — but captains of industry have always tried to undercut the American working man by hiring lower-wage workers. If it wasn't Chinese, it was Polacks. Once African-Americans, now Mexicans. Moral of the story? Workers of the world, unite against the Guatemalan menace!

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native american Full Booded
native american Full Booded

I'm happy Joe is doing his job. I wish our Native American Leaders could have conqured all you immagrants. Maybe we could have a more peaceful world and less pollution. Now we have to pay for non-english liture, translators and ways to comfort or take care of these parasites. Our people were here first. We were beaten, tourcherd & killed for speaking our language. Not to mention other traditions & living conditions we had to obey. But now we have to learn a language that is not sacred to us. We don't have a choice, but the immagrants do. Where's our so called JUSTICE!

J. Reed
J. Reed

Ok maryis,

I was just drawing a few parallels between the current situation in Mexico and some of the issues we have here in Phoenix; and then drawing a theory to fit the facts given.

I also believe you compared arresting illegals to the Holocaust. I guess that�s right if you compare Nazi's to U.S. Law; that the concentration camps are like letting illegal�s go back to Mexico; and Arpaio to Hitler. "Yes, I guess I can see the relation."

I will say that Sheriff Joe has always struck me as someone who wants to uphold the law. While he does it in a very public and sometimes controversial manner; he does hold a public office and needs popular support in Arizona which he has judging from the last election.

Now as for the little guy; if you and others are so worried about him you should try to change U.S. immigration law because that�s what�s getting him arrested. A good rule of thumb is to "blame the people who make the laws you hate, and not the people who are hired to enforce them".


J. Reed: I don't know about you but I am not a drug user, I've never been a drug user or abuser ... To blame the US's drug problem on Mexico is ridiculous. I'd bet mucho dinero on the fact that those yelling the loudest about 'the illegals' are also those who dipped generously into the drug bags that were brought across our southern border.

You can't have it both ways. But this is the usual bullshit that goes down when the economy tanks. We in the US HAVE to blame someone other than those greedy bastards at the top. Because even our government doesn't know how to deal with bastards like Maddoff. So, instead, we'll all gang up and blame the problems on the little guy who works the day labor deal and might, or might not, be here illegally.

Stop using drugs and start picking tomatoes or grapes or any other job that was too good for "us" to do before. Until then, all bets are off. The parallel between the US in trouble and needing someone to blame and Germany doing the same before WWII can't be ignored.

I can promise you that the guy picking oranges did not fuck you over and land us in this economic downturn. But then again, it's so easy to look down than look up and it is much easier to point to a potato picker than to the complexity of the crooks like Maddoff and others. While Hispanics are losing the work they do here (and maybe upping the ante on increased drug trade because of Americans who want to escape from all this shit), AIG is handing out bonuses in the millions with the bail out money. Bail out money that predates Obama's election. It's easier to break a supposed illegal's arm when she won't sign a deportation document than it is to stop AIG from handing out many more millions than all illegals will earn during the balance of this fiscal year.

J. Reed
J. Reed

Phoenix AZ has the second highest kidnapping rate in any city in the world. "If Phoenix is the second what the first is?" You may ask. Take a guess it's Mexico City of all places. "How do illegal drugs get into this country?" You may ask as well. Answer. They come from the U.S.-Mexico border.The state department just issued a travel warning to U.S. citizens not to go to Mexico. "Why?" Answer; there is so much freaking crime there!The Mexican Federales have been deployed to the U.S. border to help fight crime there. "Why?" Answer, There is still so much crime there; and the local cops can�t be trusted. With all the previous statements being true, can�t it also be true that some illegal immigrants are responsible for some of our crime problems here; If that's true isn�t it the Sheriffs responsibility to arrest as many illegal�s as he can?


Your always saying "white people this" and "white people that". Your the racist!! I guess it takes one to know one.

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