The Toxic Avenger

Creepy works may put a spell on you

If you're suspicious of modern meds, San Francisco's Andrew Goldfarb has The Slow Poisoner's Miracle Tonic, which he claims is good for curing cholera, gout, and onanism, among other ailments.

Don’t believe him? Then check it out when Goldfarb will be peddling the green fluid and his creepy artwork during “The Slow Poisoner's Budget Art Show” at Trunk Space. The one-man band is big on the DIY music circuit, dragging his wonderfully dark and bluesy Americana across the country. The Slow Poisoner’s art mines territory normally reserved for ’50s sci-fi and mystery comics with bright acrylic-on-wood paintings that pay homage to black magic and old-time movie monsters.

March 20-April 10, 2009
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