You need to write another article titled "Cry Me a River." If they're citizens, then they've got nothing to worry about. People these days just love to feel sorry for themselves. Please don't write anymore bullshit like this.
Jhon Herrera, via the Internet

Simply appalling: When I was in town for spring baseball, I read your article and drove down to Guadalupe to find the lemonade stand. I didn't, though I did observe some of the Yaqui festival. I am on the board of the Utah ACLU, and I am appalled that voters in Maricopa County continue to elect this jerk.

Thanks for the article. We all must do what we can to promote justice.
W. Andrew McCullough, via the Internet

Turn in your badge, Joe: This is a horrible story and should absolutely not be tolerated in America! What have we become? Are we back in the '50s and '60s? Have we learned anything at all [about] what comes from racially targeting innocent people?

[These are just] a few of the thousands of people who have been wrongfully accused of being illegal aliens. The exact same thing happened to my uncle, but he never reported it.

People are such idiots nowadays. Just because someone is anti-illegal alien doesn't mean he or she is a good person who upholds the law. The KKK is anti-illegal, too, you know?

Sheriff Joe should turn in his badge, as should any officers who agree with him.
Name withheld

When someone stops him: Sheriff Joe has now made the New York Times. He has now become the national symbol of racial profiling. When will it end?
Name withheld

Stomach-curdling sheriff: Every time New Times writes an article about the obvious abuses carried out by of our joke of a sheriff, whatever is in my stomach curdles. When will the citizens of Maricopa County open their fucking eyes to the blatant abuse of power, misuse of power, and total waste of our tax dollars on illegal sweeps and lawsuits against Arpaio?

Unfortunately, I work in the Wells Fargo building and have to occasionally see Arpaio in the elevator. Is it me, or does he have the obvious short-man complex? What a timid little bitch he must be to need his henchman with him at all times.
Name withheld

True Mexicans know the score: Your article was holding water until the part about [Elaine Sanchez] being pulled over for no light over her license plate, which I myself just got stopped for and received a ticket from the Scottsdale police. I'm white, and I can only imagine what the police would've done to me if I had driven into my yard and run to my back door!

I grew up in Yuma, my best friends were Mexican-American, and I love their culture. True Mexicans [know that illegals] are bad for everyone and bring heat on their own people.
Name withheld


Cops still have to play fair: How horrible for this poor woman. Normally, I would be saying that illegal aliens deserve what they get. But the cops have to play fair. They aren't allowed to force people to give over what are supposed to be voluntary fingerprints to the point of breaking an arm.

Arpaio and his men need to be prosecuted to the full letter of the law for doing this.

But I'm kind of glad this came to light, because most of us have no idea what a goon like Joe is really doing until something so contemptible happens.

And if I didn't live in Maricopa County, I'd think that once people see something contemptible happening over and over again for years and years, they'd have enough and throw the SOB out of office.

New Times, keep up the pressure. Whether he admits it or not, Joe's on the ropes with these federal investigations.
Ric Morales, Phoenix

Assholish-ness encouraged at the MCSO: In Joe's world, it's from the top down that everybody must act like a Nazi a-hole; if you don't get that illegal on her way to being kicked out of the country, your job's in jeopardy in Joe's MCSO. Better to break her arm than lose your job.
Timothy Davis, Mesa

Shame on Montini, Republic: Fuck E.J. Montini and his personal crusade to save this modern-day Hitler wanna-be! Eat some dirt for sticking up for someone who's so utterly vile! Shame on the Arizona Republic for running this article!
Andrew Creighton, via the Internet

E.J. gives Italians a bad name: Montini, you're a pineapple. Just as Arpaio goes around looking for attention and self-promotion, you're ignorant backing of this lowlife is an embarrassment to our great Italian heritage.
Rosco V. Vetri, via the Internet

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david saint
david saint

no Dave, its because worthless, ignorant racists like you keep voting for the PR hound and care more about getting rid of illegals than A: community safety (like letting a child rapist escape, or going after the many others that pose risks to children..and there not all mexican, in fact their mostly white dumbass) B: civil far as you morons are concerned civil rights mean shit as long as your hatred is fullfilled. Nice lesson to teach to children also, but whats worse is you assholes really show your true colors by ignoring the Constitution while chanting "we are patriots" your not only ignorant, racist, un-educated, and stupid, your hypocrites as well...enjoy the rest of your miserable life controlled by hate....ill sit back and eat some popcorn and watch as joe goes down because he put his foot in his mouth one too many times, and let his GOD ego get way overboard...all while letting crime rates soar at the same time...

Dave Beck
Dave Beck

How long are you going to milk this "Arpio Hate Crusade"? This is really getting old. If he is so hated and dispised why does he alway's get re-elected by such a large majority?It's because most people realize that 90% of the crimes are comitted by Mexican's. Have you checked out the jails and prisons lately anywhere in the U.S.? Any gang problems or drug killings lately? Wake up you fools. I think I just heard someone drive away in your car, better go check.


Background: Tennessean with 8 years of military service. Residency: 2years in AZ, 6years in AK, 4 years in TX. HS Grad. Native born US Citizen.

I was happy to read the letter by a veteran of WWII. For a while now I have referred to the MCSO as being similar to the Gestapo in their tactics. I often mutter the words 'damned jackboots', when a Sheriff vehicle passes. I have also wondered if perhaps I was going to an extreme in my assessment. The aforementioned letter gives me a slight feeling of validation. That man lived in the time, and fought Nazis, so it seems I was on target.

Sheriff Arpaio, you should be aware that in my hometown we all knew Sheriff Fann personally. He was a welcome friend, often seen at the local ballfields. I loved and still respect the police forces of our nation for their sacrifice and dedication to us, the citizens.You, and your 'posse', have tarnished that feeling. To the point that when I see your cars pass I pray you keep going. Especially at my place of employment for then I will lose my job. I will refuse to serve your units. Period. I will not 'give the benefit (of the doubt)'. If any of your men disagree with your tactics then Ethics demand that they resign. By not doing so, they too are culpable.BTW, I am as white as can be and back home I wouldn't reduce the cost of an officers food - I comped it. All of it. I sent nearly 500$ worth of fresh food to a Swat team stuck on station for 12hours. I would let the MCSO go hungry, and feel proud to do so.This is still the United States and some of us still believe in 'innocent until proven guilty.' Color of skin does not denote nationality. My cousin inherited brown skin from our Cherokee grandparents. I have no doubt that he would be unwelcome, indeed, he would be in harms way in Maricopa County.We do not welcome Tyrants in this country, so please move along. I am sure the Stasi have an opening.Mango3DLThe above opinion reflects that of the author and in no way should be considered the opinion of any Unit, Corporation, or Group with which he has been, or is currently affiliated. Save for the group known as 'God fearing Americans.'

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